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Today's daily energy on July 12, 2018 is mainly shaped by the influences of the last or tenth portal day, which now marks the end of a very insightful and energetic phase (my feeling). Of course, there will certainly be more portal day phases coming to us, yes, even this month there will be more portal days coming to us, to be precise on the 22nd, 25th and also on the 30th of July.

The last or tenth portal day

daily energyNevertheless, this rather pleasant portal day phase is now coming to an end and gives us final energies that we should definitely make use of. In this context, I also have to admit that I found this portal day phase to be extremely inspiring compared to all other portal day phases. Admittedly, since this year or since 2017 I have started to change my own attitude towards the portal days, i.e. instead of looking at these days from a critical mental state (“oh no, another portal day, it will definitely be tiring) , I started to look forward to these days (“yes, a portal day is coming to us, it will definitely benefit me”) and because of that alone I was able to deal with these days much better, which also meant that I generally had better experiences on these days. (here again it becomes clear that the orientation of our mind is crucial. Whether portal days or even stormy cosmic influences, our perception of the world and our current state of mind are controlled exclusively by ourselves). Nevertheless, the current portal day phase is, at least in my opinion, different from all the others. On the one hand, I have been full of energy over the past few days and received countless creative impulses. On the other hand, I was able to implement quite a few projects during these days, i.e. I had enormous potential for manifestation, primarily related to positive intentions and thoughts.

The mystery of life is not a problem that can be solved, but a reality that must be experienced. – Alan Watts..!!

Apart from that, this portal day phase was also characterized by a very special circumstance, namely that the influences regarding the planetary resonance frequency were constantly barely present (which I absolutely would not have expected), which in itself was a massive exception, because we usually reach especially in portal day phases, strong influences, sometimes even huge impulses. For this reason, this phase was generally quite pleasant in terms of influences. Well then, otherwise it should be said that, at the end of this portal day phase, we will have a partial solar eclipse tomorrow, which is a special event and will also give us exciting influences (but I will write an article about it).

When I really began to love myself, I realized that my thinking could make me miserable and sick, but when I called on the strength of my heart, the mind got an important partner, this connection I now call “heart wisdom”. – Charlie Chaplin..!!

Today we are once again affected by the influences of five different constellations, three of which have already taken effect: at 03:38 a.m. an opposition between the Moon and Saturn, which overall stood for restrictions and melancholic moods, at 05:25 a.m a trine between Venus and Uranus, which in turn gave us good communication early in the morning, i.e. a certain sociability and also a lively emotional life, and at 12:03 p.m. an opposition between the Sun and Pluto, which led us to a certain rashness and haste and could tend to overestimate oneself. It continues at 17:11 p.m. with a trine between the Moon and Jupiter, which stands for social success, a positive attitude to life and material gains. Last but not least, a trine between the Moon and Neptune will take effect at 21:55 p.m., which could give us strong empathy and more developed mental abilities towards the late evening. Nevertheless, it should be said that the influences of the final portal day phase will certainly predominate. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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