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With today's daily energy on January 12, 2023, we are, on the one hand, influenced by the waning moon, which is currently in the zodiac sign Virgo and therefore has an extremely grounding and, above all, ordering influence on our own emotional life. On the other hand, there will also be Mars in the evening, i.e. at 21:27 p.m Zodiac sign Gemini is direct again. This means that we now have a completely new quality of energy, to be precise, a quality that can make us extremely assertive.

The energies of direct Mars

Direct MarsIn this context, Mars is always associated with a warrior energy. In its direct phase, the ruling planet of Aries strengthens the overarching fire energy and can ensure a strong inner upswing. We gain assertiveness, can make decisions more easily and can generally move forward in life more easily than usual, at least if we live according to the energies of Mars. Direct Mars wants to activate our inner warrior energy or our inner fire so that we can break out of self-created prisons and standstills. Instead of cowering, letting ourselves be downplayed or generally not being able to assert ourselves, we are now given a comprehensive energy through which we can develop our inner strength and, above all, live. At this point you could also speak of the beginning of a phase in which we overcome all standstills and learn to completely break through the associated barriers. It is therefore about the realization of our plans, about the dissolution of stressful states of being and precisely about breaking through old patterns through which we ourselves are unable to develop our true being. We can now overcome all circumstances with full consistency and energy. And due to the associated Gemini zodiac sign, which, for example, tends to go to extremes due to its stuckness or not be able to make a decision at all, more processes are set in motion in which we regain our own decision-making power.

Portal Day Energies

Portal Day EnergiesInstead of remaining at a standstill, it is important to regain lightness, airiness and a sociable or light state. Starting today, slowly but surely, a strong energy of implementation will manifest itself. Well, the initiation of the direct Mars phase will be reinforced by the first portal day this month. Portal day energies generally ensure that we experience easier access to our inner world and generally even experience a significantly stronger connection to the natural cycles. In the truest sense of the word, we are now passing through a portal that is now leading us into a phase in which our inner fire wants to be lived stronger than usual. It is the transition to a “forward-moving” energy quality and the portal day will lead us into this phase in this regard. An extremely magical day lies ahead of us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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