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Today's daily energy on February 12, 2019 is shaped by the intense influences of the fifth portal day, which is why influences continue to reach us that promote transformative, cleansing and clarifying inner circumstances/states. We can also continue to become aware of a wide variety of aspects, especially when it comes to our own self, which is ultimately what it's all about.

Mind or heart?!

Mind or heart?!In this context, every human being, as a spiritual being, has been going through or is in a huge transformation/change process for thousands of years, in which we go through a wide variety of polaritarian circumstances, develop spiritually, and thrive spiritually, in order to at some point, when our individual learning and... Once the growth process has been completed, we can once again manifest/live out an awareness of our complete divinity, accompanied by abundance, peace, love, wisdom and naturalness. This process affects every person, yes, basically every person goes through this process, even if they have not yet been able to identify with it in any way and have not yet developed any awareness of this overarching process. The process is nevertheless unstoppable, always present and has been taking on stronger characteristics for years. The current portal day phase, which, as already mentioned in the last few days, is characterized by an incredibly cleansing energy quality, can be accompanied by immense progress. These are energies that completely flush through our own system, which is why we can subsequently experience states of consciousness in which a wide variety of conflicts and disagreements are brought to the surface. The same applies, of course, to harmonious states in which we may experience a high and feel really liberated. Everything can be experienced in this regard, especially extremes. Our own heart energy can also be very much in the foreground, because the opening of our hearts plays an immensely important role in the current age of spiritual awakening (as explained in this article: Our heart as a dimensional gate). Ultimately, we always find ourselves in life situations in which we allow ourselves to be overwhelmed by our own EGO structures and, as a result, completely abandon our own heart energy. It is a huge conflict between the heart and our EGO that takes place in the innermost parts of every person and is symbolic for us War between the light and the darkness (with internal or corresponding processes even running in the background).

For there to be peace in the world, peoples must live in peace. In order for there to be peace between the peoples, the cities must not rise against each other. For there to be peace in cities, neighbors must understand each other. In order for there to be peace between neighbors, there must be peace in one's own home. For there to be peace in the house, one must find it in one's own heart. – Lao Tzu..!!

For several years now, our heart energy has been gaining more and more of the upper hand (due to spiritual change) and we are in the process of freeing ourselves from ancient programming. However, this process can sometimes be very jarring, because due to this strong influence there are always situations in which our EGO (one could also speak of old programming, conflicts, etc) takes full effect and that ultimately always leads to conflicts. I personally experience this process in a very strong way, but I have felt, especially over the last few months, a strong opening of the heart and, above all, a fullness that comes with it. However, opposite situations also occur, such as yesterday evening after I had finished writing the daily energy article and afterwards experienced a strong conflict in my mind in bed (EGO - heart?!). Due to my short-term illness (flu, more on that in this Articles), which, to my surprise, ended in a climax at this point (appropriately – inner conflict + severe chills), I therefore experienced an extremely disturbing, but nevertheless, at least in hindsight, cleansing night (incidentally, I now feel recovered again, the sickly condition has almost been overcome). In conclusion, I can only say that this situation (I can only speak for me personally) made the current cleansing energetic situation very clear to me. It is a special time and we can experience very clarifying circumstances. Everything is focused on our healing and becoming whole. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am grateful for any support 🙂 

Daily Joy on February 12, 2019 – “Master, what do you do to relax?” – Buddhist anecdote
joy of life

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