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With today's daily energy, the powerful energies of the 12 • 12 portal are mainly reaching us, through which we are now walking and absorbing an enormous frequency spectrum in the process. Thus, the annual 12•12 Portal represents a very powerful numerological activation. It is, at its core, a code that works in the depths of our being, favoring the upspin of our own lightbody. We could therefore also speak of a portal that helps us to gain deep insights into our own being, which enables us to perceive our own origin more intensively again.

Energies of the 12•12 Portal

Energies of the 12•12 Portal

In that regard, 12 is also a significant number. Of course, put together, this results in the 3 (two single numbers: 1 and 2), but the 12 stands for wholeness, completion and the end of an old quality of energy. For example, there are 12 months or 12 zodiac signs, which come to an end once a year within the 12 and subsequently initiate the transition to the new. With today's 12•12 portal, we can therefore also bring major processes to a conclusion or final truths can come to light, circumstances that not all of us have yet become aware of. Nevertheless, a deep activation of our light body is in the foreground on this day, which leads us even more strongly to our true being. As said, in this regard the Lightbody (Merkaba - Divine Throne Chariot) also represents a structure that surrounds us and flows through us, which goes hand in hand with the mastery of our own incarnation. The more we unveil ourselves, raising our own vibration and subsequently unfolding our sacred self, the more the spin of our lightbody increases and vice versa. The increase in spin is accompanied by physical rejuvenation, a stronger intuitive connection and other psychic abilities. With maximum or complete training, we even experience the complete development of our avatar abilities, i.e. the highest abilities that are granted to ascended humans.

Venus moved to Capricorn

Venus moved to Capricorn On the other hand, new influences from direct Venus are now affecting us. So Venus changed the day before yesterday, i.e. on December 10, 2022, into the zodiac sign Capricorn. Thus, an earthy quality is now manifest in this regard. For example, we can experience a great deal of security within interpersonal relationships, partnerships, but also in the relationship with ourselves. The earthy sign, which generally likes to go hand in hand with conservative, stable and grounded characteristics, can in this connection also strengthen the desire for a partnership based on secure structures. In the end, it's basically about preserving our connections, along with the focus on security and stability in relation to all connections. And since Venus is direct, we can make a lot of progress, or rather experience a corresponding stable circumstance, in that regard. Well, finally, I would like to refer to my latest reading again, in which I went into the core of the power of faith and why we can truly change everything through faith. The video is embedded under this section, the same applies to the audio versions on Soundcloud and Spotify. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/allesistenergie
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3Bgdw8IE3RgVuRlWEd7iBq

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