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Today's daily energy on August 12, 2019 is mainly shaped by the Moon in the zodiac sign Capricorn (The change took place yesterday morning at 06:31 a.m), which means we can not only be open to our deepest mental processes (we face internal conflicts), but we could also be extremely focused, persistent and, above all, dutiful.

Deep spiritual experiences

On the other hand, an extremely transformative circumstance still prevails, i.e. we ourselves are subjected to profound tests and can clean up a lot in the process (us, if necessary, internal conflicts etc. admit/make aware). The currently prevailing quality of time has therefore become much more intense and new highlights can be experienced. After all, the current phase is becoming more gigantic every day due to the rapid collective intellectual expansion and the associated frequency increases are enormous. No two days are the same and everything that can be experienced is massively deepened. In this context, I also experienced it myself - with very wonderful people (greet you all) a very transformative and consequently spiritual weekend. In this regard, I was also traveling in Thuringia from Thursday to Sunday. We attended a seminar (in which the topic of water was in the foreground) and coupled this with a stay in the forest, i.e. we spent the day camping together in a surrounding forest. As far as this is concerned, we also intuitively attracted a magical place very, very deep in the forest (discovered completely intuitively - we were attracted to the place and the place attracted us). We discovered an abandoned old hunting lodge, where, on the one hand, countless amounts of wood were stacked (This meant we had enough firewood every night), on the other hand there was a toilet block, benches and even a forest spring. The feeling was indescribable every night (Seminar during the day, forest in the evening). On the one hand, everything seemed very quiet and “gloomy” (Staying deep in the forest - without the campfire you couldn't see anything and away from the forest spring you could only hear the sounds of the forest), on the other hand, the stay was very mystical, grounding and calming.

Breathing deeply in the forest means breathing in your spirit. – Klaus Ender..!!

In this regard, we also practiced exciting “rituals” together – for example, everyone held each other’s hands and then hummed “Om” together (was really mystical). Otherwise there were a lot of deep conversations and a lot of withdrawal. The confrontation with old patterns and structures was also a strong focus. At least, the depth and silence of the forest brought out a lot in us - apart from the fact that we had no contact with other people, because there was hardly any cell phone reception, for example. The entire weekend experience was therefore very profound and incredibly inspiring. Even though everything was very, very intense, it was one of the most intense experiences ever (just the change from seminar to forest). Well, this experience (Exploding your own comfort zone) was accompanied by an incredible depth and we all knew that together we were releasing incredible energy. Ultimately, this experience also reflected the massive prevailing transformative mood (like inside so outside - what happens inside you also happens in the outside world and the more we are aware of it, the stronger this aspect is) and also showed me how extremely intense the current days are, incomparable with anything. For this reason, today will continue with this and will not level off in terms of intensity. Everything can be experienced within us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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