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The daily energy today is still stormy due to the sixth portal day, but not nearly as violent as in the past few days. In this context, we have also survived the intensive solar storm phase and can therefore recharge a little more energy. So the last few days could also be felt as very exhausting, because our energetic bodies first had to process the enormous cosmic radiation.

The sixth portal day - A little rest?!

The sixth portal day - A little rest?!That's why I haven't felt so well in the last few days. I felt exhausted all the time, suffered from sleeping problems, usually felt very exhausted after getting up, often had circulatory problems and needed a lot of rest as a result. In the meantime, however, I have recovered and today, fortunately, I am feeling much better. Whether this will remain so, I think so, at least for the time being, because on September 23rd another major event will reach us again, which will in turn release enormous amounts of energy (an article on that is yet to come!). For this reason, I wouldn't be surprised if stronger solar flares take place during this period or in general in the next few weeks. At the moment everything is possible anyway, so you have the feeling that everything is coming to a head on all levels of existence. Aside from the clearly noticeable collective development, the weather is currently being manipulated so violently that it somehow gives you something to think about. 1 momentous earthquake in Mexico, 3 violent hurricanes over the Atlantic and in Germany it should be a little more turbulent in the coming days (strong gusts of wind – autumn storm?!). One wonders what will come next. In any case, it will continue to be stormy and in the near future one or the other momentous event will reach us, there is no doubt about that.

In the coming weeks and months there will definitely be some earth-shattering events. So the situation is coming to a head on all levels of existence and the cabal are heading towards their end..!!

Nevertheless, we shouldn't let all of this get us down, but we should remain strong and be confident. Everything that is currently happening is part of the planetary change and will lead us into a new age, there is no question about that. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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