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On the one hand, today's daily energy on October 11, 2019 continues to be influenced by the moon in the zodiac sign Pisces, which continues to favor very profound and sensitive moods (what is currently, due to the associated very strong basic energy, is extremely noticeable - i.e. your own sea life has never felt so much in the foreground as it is currently the case) and on the other hand from the preliminary full moon influences (The full moon reaches us on October 13th - at 23:09 p.m).

Full moon in two days in the zodiac sign Aries

In this context, I have often mentioned that new and full moons in particular have an incredible effect on the collective and are usually noticeable in advance, which some of you have repeatedly reported to me. That's exactly how it feels this time and you can really feel the fullness that comes with it. In this regard, full moons generally represent abundance, concentration, intensification and, above all, completion. The completion also hits the nail on the head, because especially in the current days, which are breaking all boundaries in terms of basic energy and have initiated a completely new paradigm shift or ascension, we are not only constantly heading towards new climaxes (Highlights that go hand in hand with extreme self-knowledge, cleansing processes, impulses and states of fullness), but we experience important conclusions on our part, i.e. we experience, for example, the completion of a dissolution process in which an old structure or even an old pattern was dissolved (What happens again and again in the current, - acute transition into 5D - the old goes, the new comes). Ultimately, you can feel the coming full moon final energies very strongly. That's what I'm experiencing in my life at the moment and somehow a lot of things seem to be clearing up at the moment. Not only do many conditions become clear (for example, which were previously of a disharmonious nature - harmful, but nevertheless very instructive habits that have been dissolved - purer mind/body/soul system, more harmonious interpersonal relationships), but I also feel like you have reached a completely new level of existence.

Planetary resonance frequency

Once again we received anomalies regarding the planetary resonance frequency, which is not surprising, because apart from the special energy that currently prevails, a full moon + portal day will reach us in two days..!!

The intensity is incredible and there has never been a phase in which I achieved so much self-discovery. At the same time, the perception is also completely different (everything is much finer, clearer, more wrapped in happiness, more insightful - self-love increases more and more, despite the “fighting out” of one's own inner battles). At the end of the day, a huge shift has been and is currently taking place and we are in the most important final months of all. A decade that was not only about collective networking, but also about a manifestation of original knowledge is coming to an end, which is why we can fully feel the entire intensity of the past few years, concentrated in these months . As I said and I can't repeat myself often enough, we have a golden decade ahead of us and we are about to enter a time of abundance, a very special phase that will completely change life on our planet. So let's continue to feel today's magic, join in and enjoy the wonderful energetic influences as a result. Dear ones, we are currently experiencing the most important phase of all. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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