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Today's daily energy on October 11th basically stands for our own natural/harmonious flow, for our very special creative expression and above all the associated possibilities. So we can/should initiate/continue things today that continue to maintain or just ensure our own energetic flow. This includes all things that are essential for a positive mental spectrum, for example going for a run, eating naturally, breaking addictions (restructuring your own subconscious), cleaning up rooms (eliminating chaos), going into nature, meeting friends (having fun - living in the present), or simply the realization of thoughts, that we may have been putting off back and forth for months (important activities that have fallen into the background, but are still present in the form of a minimal burden).

Bathe in the harmonious flow of life

Bathe in the harmonious flow of lifeUltimately, each person has to find out for themselves what keeps their own flow of life moving, what makes them happy and, above all, what prevents them from being able to be consciously present in the present. Each person is a unique being, a completely individual creative/conscious expression and is generally aware of what inspires their own mind/body/soul system and what does not. Basically, we know what is good for us and, above all, what allows our own mental aspects to thrive. In the same way, we are also aware of our own shadow parts and recognize some of the mechanisms/programs that prevent us from creating a life that completely corresponds to our own ideas. Of course, it is not always easy to align our own intentions with our thoughts and actions. We often have certain goals in mind, but fail to achieve them because we are simply afraid of the path we have to take to achieve them. We ourselves must therefore get back into action and take the first steps. Our subconscious doesn't reprogram itself. Our active intervention in what is happening, our intervention in our stuck everyday life, in our stuck thought patterns is essential in order to be able to initiate serious changes.

Our subconscious is an essential factor when it comes to steering our own lives into new directions. There are countless programs/behaviors/habits anchored in the subconscious, which firstly reach our own daily consciousness again and again and secondly which subsequently dominate our own mind..!! 

For this reason, we should also use today's daily energy to be able to ensure our own harmonious flow again. Initiate changes, intervene in your stuck everyday life, start changing certain habits and after a short time you will feel how this will inspire your own mind/body/spirit system. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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