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With today's daily energy on November 11, 2022, the special frequencies of an annual portal reach us, because today the energies of the 11•11 portal accompany us. In this context, there are days in the year in this regard, which in turn are associated with a special numerological power. For example, most of you will be familiar with the annual 8•8 Lion Portal, which in turn reaches us every year on August 08th and is accompanied by a strong activation of our inner fire. The double number days always carry a power of consonance (and the synchronicity) in itself and can be accompanied by special circumstances.

numerological power

The frequencies of the 11•11 portalThe 11•11 portal carries just such a special energy. The 11 represents a master number, which in turn stands for spirituality, mysticism and enlightenment. The number itself is composed of two ones, the one as a number, which in turn stands for unity, completeness and wholeness. Thus, the 11 also goes hand in hand with the increased manifestation of a unified state. Instead of considering ourselves separate from creation, or from everything that can be seen and perceived, we recognize that everything is happening within our own all-encompassing field. In essence, there is no separation or only the separation, which we in turn live out in the form of a mental limitation, in which we keep ourselves mentally limited. But the truth is that everything happens in our own minds. The outer world is an image of our inner world and vice versa. Ultimately, therefore, the outer world also marks the great dual, which we can perceive as separate from our own mind, but which ultimately takes place within ourselves (we experience everything within ourselves - while we are inseparably connected to everything that can be experienced and seen). It is comparable to a medal that has two different sides, but both sides make up the whole, namely the medal.

The frequencies of the 11•11 portal

The frequencies of the 11•11 portal Well, double numbers, which in this context can also be perceived several times in everyday life (Especially within the awakening process there are phases in which we are extremely strongly confronted with moments of synchronicity and also with double numbers - one can hardly escape it in such phases), go hand in hand with a strong intuitive connection and many moments of synchronicity, especially on appropriate days. The annual 11•11 day, i.e. the double master number, marks a numerological information that increasingly prompts us to take leadership over ourselves (self empowerment). Our own ascension process can be perceived more intensely and we are confronted with our highest "I-Am" presence (the most holy image of ourselves). A revealing or lightening energy prevails and is accompanied by activations within our own energy body. For this reason, special streams of energy are reaching us today, which will certainly have a noticeable impact. So let's receive today's energies and start Friday with this magical quality. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂



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