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Today's daily energy on November 11, 2021 is characterized by a special frequency-raising quality, because on the one hand we are passing through the powerful annual 11•11 portal today, which stands completely for our own self-empowerment (special numerology – energetically strong combination of numbers), matching this, today is also generally a portal day and on the other hand, the Moon takes on its crescent shape at 13:48 p.m. The moon has been in this position since the night before last (04:04) in the zodiac sign Aquarius, which is why the element air and also the qualities of Aquarius (Desire for freedom, self-empowerment, independence, penchant for special ideas and achievements) particularly come into play within us.

The powerful energy of the 11•11 portal

daily energyIn this context, the crescent moon also stands for balance (Yin/Yang principle – two sides that together make one – inner world = outer world), i.e. the unification or merger of all our shares. Light and shadow, female energy and male energy, our inner world and the external perceivable world, far too often we live out a state of being in separation, i.e. we not only view the aforementioned qualities as separate from each other, but we also separate the external ones world from our inner world. However, as we progress through the awakening process, especially as we get closer and closer to our own sacred being, we are able to perceive the big picture and experience ourselves as everything that exists. In this regard, there is no separation at the core, but everything is one and one is everything. The outside world/everything that exists is embedded within our inner world and our inner world is in turn embedded in the outer world/everything that exists. Everything is interrelated. You yourself are the source and have created an external reality that also represents the source itself as a direct expression. There is therefore also a connection to everything that is. For this reason, your own thoughts reach the entire collective and influence/guide it. The greatest merging of consciousness therefore occurs at the moment when we can recognize the big picture and, above all, the entire unity/wholeness within ourselves and in the world, along with the wisdom and feeling of how absolutely sacred/divine this essence is is that we are completely holy.

The powerful energy of the 11•11 portal

Now and on today's crescent moon day in the zodiac sign Aquarius or in the element Air, which in turn goes hand in hand with the 11•11 self-empowerment portal, a corresponding becoming of consciousness and, above all, fusion can be experienced within us more than ever. Everything is completely designed for this and more than ever our self-determination and inner freedom should return, to heal our inner world, to heal the outer world, the time of harmony should happen, we should root ourselves in harmony. And only when we ourselves achieve harmony can the external world also migrate into “one sound”. In keeping with the 11•11 portal, I would like to write another exciting text from the channel “Divine Feminineshare with you:

“Tomorrow we will experience the powerful 11:11 portal. The energy of the 11:11 portal has been building for several days and we are reaching new levels of understanding. We can also feel it in our physical bodies, which are tired, under pressure and perhaps in pain. It's not comfortable, but you can do yourself some good if you relax, take things slowly, ground yourself, drink more water, and eat light foods. We have jumped across multiple timelines since the 10:10 portal and have improved greatly as a collective and individually.

Number 1 represents an antenna, an energy channel. And with 4 of them, 11:11 is a powerful time of initiation to come into balance and cross the threshold from the old to the new earth. The 11:11 portal is all about inner balance, harmony and connection with the universe, with everything that is. Unity, wholeness, unity consciousness. New beginnings with new information in the form of ideas, inspiration, inner wisdom and knowledge. Pay attention to the thrusts of your soul and the signs, symbols and synchronicity that are all around you. Your soul guides you all the way, you just have to listen. Energy will be able to move through us quickly and we will be able to process it and manifest the physical life we ​​desire. Our purpose is revealed to us in a deeper way. To receive the light codes and downloads of this powerful portal, you must go within and be in the silence of your soul for as long as it feels good. Find your own voice and truth within yourself. Clear your energy. Get the old stuff out of your system and ground yourself. Replenish the energy with the high frequency golden light and bring yourself into balance so you can get the most out of the portal. If you don’t know how to do it, spend as much time as possible in nature, walk barefoot, swim in the sea, lake, river or take a hot bath, hug trees, sing, dance, smile, enjoy life!”

With this in mind, everyone today enjoys the powerful energies of the 11•11 portal and receives the frequencies of the Aquarius Crescent. Furthermore, something completely unique happens. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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