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Today's daily energy on March 11, 2020 is mainly shaped by the lingering strong influences of the past few days and therefore continues to give us the opportunity to find our way back to ourselves and thus paves a way to cleanse all shadows and other disharmonious structures on our part. Ultimately, we are currently in a highly concentrated and, above all, planetary force field that breaks all boundaries and raises humanity to a completely new level.

Collective energy raising

Collective energy raisingAn overarching ascension is taking place and the collective consciousness is vibrating with it the greatest shadow of all (as already mentioned in the past few days, the corona virus, which in turn stands for the activation of the crown chakra and, on the other hand, also for the crown that many awakened people put on themselves and, at the same time, begin to act with it from their creator consciousness Taking responsibility for your life as God himself marks a turning point at the end of the day and makes it clear to us that we are going through the greatest awakening process of all). Well, the past full moon simply raised the energy level to a completely new level. I also think that most of you feel this profound change or the effects of this highly concentrated force field, so much is simply changing and since that day the overarching acceleration has simply felt like it has increased to infinity. Countless spiritual sites also report this rapid development:

“Our bodies receive highly charged particles from solar plasma light; This is a huge amount – in just two days – for the entire human system. The intensity began over the course of March 8th as the streams of light flowed through the channels of our body. March 9th is already an OPEN SPACE through which a much larger amount of solar gold is flowing. An additional mass of codes fills the Earth's energetic atmosphere; This is “the next” WAVE… after the vital events we have been through since March 4th-7th. Without breaks; just actions.”

Well, today's daily energy will therefore also be extremely potent and will continue to give us the opportunity to take our inner transformation process to a new level. The awakening process simply no longer slows down in any way and we can realize our true divine self more than ever. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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