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With today's daily energy on June 11, 2023, the influences of the waning moon, which will lead to a special new moon in the zodiac sign Gemini in exactly one week, reach us on the one hand, and on the other hand we reach an important cosmic position, because Pluto, i.e. the Planet of pure transformation, ending and rebirth, today shifts back into the Capricorn zodiac sign. In this context, Pluto already changed to the zodiac sign Aquarius on March 23 of this year and thus heralded the forerunner of a new era. But this period should be interrupted, because from today and especially until January 21, 2024, Pluto will once again be in Capricorn, which will start a phase of great testing.

Review of old topics

Review of old topicsIt is only after this period that Pluto enters Aquarius completely and also for a very long time, which from then on will all revolve around the detachment of our inner chains. From then on, we will experience major changes in the areas of freedom, community and technology. Freedom in particular will come first. Not only could the system then implement massive measures to restrict our freedom, but on the other hand we will then want to free ourselves from our own chains more than ever. At its core, this constellation actually wants to completely remove all blockages, restrictions and limitations. Nevertheless, until then, the energy of retrograde Pluto in the zodiac sign Capricorn will once again be in the foreground. As a result of this Capricorn return, many issues are now being examined on our part that we have not yet been able to change, for example, particularly issues through which we are still entangled in old structures, structures that we have not yet been able to solve. If we ourselves have not yet been able to clear up the corresponding personal issues, then in this phase we will be confronted with corresponding issues of impasse in a very strong way. It is therefore up to us how strong a check this return will be.

Challenges may arise

From a global perspective, many levels will also be subject to direct review in this regard. At the end of the day, the zodiac sign Capricorn always goes hand in hand with the energy of Saturn, and Saturn stands for major trials and unpleasant challenges that need to be mastered. For this reason, challenges from the past year may also arise that we may have suppressed or that we thought we had already mastered. Shortly before the Pluto/Aquarius phase begins, we are all encouraged to overcome stressful and, above all, unresolved circumstances, so that we can only move on to the next phase. So it remains exciting. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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