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After the pretty strong energies yesterday, things are pretty quiet again today and so we are receiving daily energetic influences that are rather minor in intensity, i.e. pleasant in nature. We are mainly influenced by the moon, which changed to the zodiac sign Taurus yesterday at 06:03 a.m. and has since given us influences through security and demarcation and habits are in the foreground. This would also allow us to focus more on our family and our home.

Moon in Taurus zodiac sign

Moon in Taurus zodiac signOn the other hand, the Taurus Moon could also put all pleasures in the foreground. Of course, this does not necessarily have to be the case and, as always, it depends on ourselves and our spiritual orientation which life circumstances we allow to become manifest. Personally, I will also act contrary to the Taurus Moon and completely forego pleasure. After a wedding at the weekend, where I drank a little alcohol and treated myself to other treats, I felt like it wasn't working for me anymore. In particular, the effect of the alcohol (wine & beer) made me quite tired, sleepy, unrelaxed (actually it was supposed to be the opposite) and didn't appeal to my body in any way. As a result, I became aware again of the “food intolerance” in the current phase of spiritual awakening. Especially if we are quite sensitive or even strong energies “flood” our entire mind/body/spirit system, we tend to no longer tolerate corresponding “energetically dense/low-frequency” substances very well. Our system just wants to free itself from all old and burdensome energies, would like to adapt its frequency to that of the planet and the corresponding “food” is rather counterproductive in nature. In this context, more and more people are reporting how they react to energetically dense substances much worse than they did a few years ago. Well, at least that made me very aware of my own intolerance. I also noticed that these substances didn't "push" me in any way, but rather put a lot more strain on me overall. For this reason, I will now keep my mind/body/spirit system completely pure and leave out all energetically dense substances.

Due to the constant frequency increases and frequency adjustments in the current process of spiritual awakening, more and more people are experiencing intolerance to unnatural foods. A comprehensive cleansing process is taking place and all substances that drag down our frequency subsequently place an ever greater strain on our mind/body/spirit system..!!

Well, apart from this change or away from the influences of the “Taurus Moon”, three constellations also come into effect, or rather two constellations, namely an opposition (disharmonic constellations) between the Moon and Jupiter (at 07:14 a.m.) and a sextile ( harmonious constellation) between the moon and Neptune (at 10:22 a.m.) is already effective. The opposition could have given us a tendency to extravagance and waste, at least in the early days. The sextile could make us dreamy and sensitive. An impressive mind, a strong imagination and good empathy were also in the foreground. In the early evening, at 17:30 p.m. to be exact, a trine (harmonic constellation) between the Moon and Pluto comes into effect, which can have a strong impact on our emotional life, makes us quite sentimental and, if necessary, makes us want to do things and travel. But to what extent we will be in the right mood depends, as always, solely on ourselves. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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