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Today's daily energy on January 11, 2020 is mainly shaped by the lingering influences of yesterday's full moon and the associated partial lunar eclipse. On the other hand, the provisional ones also have an effect Influences of an extremely powerful conjunction on us, namely the Saturn/Pluto conjunction, which in turn will become manifest tomorrow and release a tremendous energy, even a gigantic energy in itself, which is accompanied by the beginning of an extremely important activation (A detailed description will follow in tomorrow's daily energy article).

The lingering influences of the full moon

The lingering influences of the full moonHowever, we are still experiencing the powerful energies of yesterday's full moon. In this context, the energy of yesterday was also extremely strong and you could constantly feel the resulting energy. I myself also experienced strong impulses, even if the entire day was accompanied by corresponding tiredness, yes, after 18 p.m. I even got so tired that I could have gone straight to sleep, but I didn't (the power of habit – the tendency to “stay awake” for longer). Ultimately, it must also be said at this point that corresponding days or correspondingly strong energies must always be processed on our part. In this way, our energy system undergoes a cleansing/realignment, vibrates out old energetic structures and thereby creates space for new energetic influences. For this reason, it is always extremely advisable on such days to give yourself some rest and include a natural/light diet, although this should always be the case in general.

Strong frequencies

In keeping with yesterday's strong energies, strong anomalies/impulses regarding the planetary resonance frequency reached us. Several strong currents were measured, a circumstance that once again illustrated the intensity of yesterday's full moon..!!

Now and in itself I can also make this recommendation for the coming days, because as already mentioned at the beginning, from tomorrow we will be affected by VIOLENT energetic influences that will take the entire awakening process to a new level. But well, more information will follow tomorrow, as I said. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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