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daily energy

With today's daily energy on February 11, 2023, we are receiving the influence of the waning moon, which is in the zodiac sign Libra throughout the day and accordingly wants to continue to align our emotional life with balance, harmony and harmony. Only in the evening, at 19:36 p.m. to be precise, does the moon change to the zodiac sign Scorpio, which from then on again very much many feelings or even suppressed energies can come to light. The zodiac sign Scorpio always ensures that hidden parts reach our day-consciousness. And since the moon is always associated with our emotional life, feelings that were previously veiled for us can show up accordingly.

Mercury in Aquarius

daily energyWell, on the other hand, a special astrological position also reaches us. At around 12:10 p.m. the planet of communication and thinking, i.e. Mercury, changes to the zodiac sign Aquarius. This results in a completely new quality of energy in which freedom, independence and the well-being of the community are particularly important. So we could feel free through this combination or want to express our desire for freedom. We want to break down our barriers and talk to others about making liberties a reality (this aspect can also have a strong impact collectively). Aquarius himself, who likes to strive for independence, rebellion, but also friendship and community, can let us connect with each other in Mercury in the same way. It will be a good time to surface ideas for changing existing illusory structures. On the other hand, this constellation frees our thinking from limitations, which makes it much easier for us to receive new impulses or special ideas and in this regard we are very receptive to completely new thought constructs or views.

Free our mind

Ultimately, therefore, a good time is now dawning to be able to develop our mind freely. As said, the airy Aquarius sign always wants to lift our own spirits into the air for that matter. It is truly about breaking our self-imposed shackles. And since the sun is also still in Aquarius, the manifestation of a limitless spiritual state is in the foreground anyway. Well then, let's absorb the special energies of freedom and make plans for the coming astrological New Year (beginning of spring) forge. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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