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Today's daily energy on February 11, 2020 continues to be characterized by extremely strong energies, as has been the case since the beginning of this decade, basically even since the last months of 2019. The energy quality is However, it is different and can be seen particularly in the weather. So we are now experiencing a slow “decline” of the storm Sabine and are therefore experiencing a certain calm that is returning - on all levels of existence.

The storm is slowly subsiding

After all, the storm was tough and swept over our country at an enormous speed. The forest near us also made the intensity clear to me personally, because some trees had fallen and partially covered the paths, sometimes away from all the branches, which in turn were scattered everywhere (Incidentally, it is generally very noticeable that the forest surrounding us has recorded countless fallen trees in the last two years - sometimes to an extent that I have never experienced before. Ultimately, all the storms and strong winds of the past two years make it clear how much our planet is cleaning itself and, above all, how violent the collective transformation process has become - the level of cleaning on our planet has now reached a huge “peak”.). And finally, late yesterday evening, a thunderstorm began, a weather circumstance that also reminded me of the strong energetic storm. In the last two days a gigantic wave of energy has reached us.

The discharge of an energetic storm

It was a huge discharge that completely washed through our systems and revealed legacy issues, blockages and other shadowy aspects. I myself also experienced completely paradoxical situations. On the one hand, I was full of energy and was pursuing the realization of corresponding ideas, but on the other hand, I was very tired and a little off track - I was constantly drawn too much into my own inner world. Well, ultimately, corresponding waves of energy have to be processed by our own energy system, which can leave you feeling a little exhausted yourself. But as already mentioned in yesterday's daily energy article (which was also intended for yesterday, forgive me for the mistake in the date^^), a corresponding energetic high always serves to create an inner space in which more high-frequency and light structures can be integrated. Everything serves our spiritual unveiling.

The storm is subsiding

Well, the storm, which has now subsided, has therefore served an important purpose and will give us much more clarity in retrospect - i.e. in the coming days. We will now be able to organize ourselves more and at the same time experience how the collective will rise even stronger. As I said, the most important 5D structures are currently becoming manifest in the background and the collective awakening process is in the midst of the greatest ascension of all. It is the return and manifestation of our highest self-image and, above all, the awareness of one's own immeasurable and above all limitless creative power, the most powerful ability of every person/creator (Every day we create new worlds with our own imagination, - expand our own minds in new directions/dimensions, - there is no standstill, only expansion). With this in mind, enjoy the easing storm and use the energetic circumstances to realize your highest self-image. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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