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The daily energy on this day is accompanied by strong energetic fluctuations and thus prevents exact measurements as a result. As far as that is concerned, we have been seeing more and more days in recent times when such a changeable energetic environment prevails. Whenever this is the case, we can usually prepare ourselves for a day when our own feelings, thoughts and intentions are very changeable. Such days are usually very intense and often force us to rest.

Strong energetic fluctuations

Strong energetic fluctuationsIn this context, it is very exhausting for our own mind/body/spirit system to deal with strong energetic fluctuations. This is how our own subtle field processes all the information/frequencies/energies that it is confronted with during the day. The stronger the cosmic radiation is on a day, the more fluctuating the energetic environment is, the more this can force us to rest. Of course, this also depends very much on your own personal feelings and sensitivity. There are people who hardly react to strong incoming frequencies, but on the other hand there are also people who feel extremely exhausted on such days and then need a lot of rest. For me personally, this is usually very changeable, but as a rule I always react very sensitively to such frequencies and then often find it difficult to concentrate on realizing my own thoughts. So I usually need a lot of rest so that I can deal with the situation better. In the same way, a natural diet helps me on such days, especially drinking a lot of chamomile tea can work wonders for me and calms my own mind/body system enormously. Well, since today is such a changeable day again, I can only recommend that you don't overexert yourself too much.

Everything in existence has an impact on our own minds. In particular, high incoming frequencies influence the alignment of our own state of consciousness in this context and literally force us to allow ourselves rest..!!

Treat yourself to a little rest, give your body important minerals + important nutrients in general to be able to deal with all the incoming energies more easily. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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