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Today's daily energy on October 10, 2019 continues to be shaped by the moon in the zodiac sign Pisces, which continues to influence our own mental life and, in particular, our dreams, ambitions, ideas and Our own progress is in the foreground, because the zodiac sign Pisces allows us to look deeply into ourselves and ensures very reflective and, above all, sensitive moods.

self reflection

self reflectionOn the other hand, we also have the lingering influences of yesterday's portal day - by the way, a day that was very insightful and, above all, stimulating. In this context, you can currently feel the incredibly strong magic that in turn has a permanent effect on us. We are in the final months of this extremely knowledgeable decade and are now experiencing a powerful transition into a completely new quality of time. Ultimately, it is a final final phase, i.e. the conclusion of a phase in which many people found themselves and thereby created a completely new consciousness. Times in which the entire mass or the entire collective was controllable and could be continuously kept small and limited are ending and leading us into a time in which the golden age on our part, through active action (Application & use of our knowledge), is initiated. This is why the days are currently so incredibly intense and allow us to experience the most incredible moods. The same also applies to significant encounters and opportunities that are currently bestowed upon us.

In the current days we are experiencing the end of an extremely important and, above all, consciousness-expanding decade, in which we were not only able to look behind the scenes of life, the system and, above all, our own (true/hidden/spiritual) reality, but also a transformation through which we were able to gradually develop our own true being. And all of these past events are currently concentrating in a huge basic energy that will in turn lead us into a golden decade, i.e. a decade in which we, through the application of our wisdom and, above all, through active action, will completely change the world. The old is completely uninstalled and a new world emerges from the shadow of old structures, created through our truthfulness, through the conscious use of our creative power, - to manifest a fair, nature-connected and, above all, high-frequency world - the golden age..!!

And it feels like there are an infinite number of them at the moment, yes, it's sometimes astonishing how perfectly everything is coordinated with one another at the moment and, above all, the possibilities that open up. Apart from the fact that we are all currently experiencing an incredible sharpening of our senses and an increase in our own sensitivity (It's hard to put into words how you currently perceive the world and, above all, what impulses are currently reaching you), the most important situations of all arise. We all find our way back to our origins and subsequently attract circumstances/conditions into our lives that are in turn based on our origins. Circumstances that have always been part of us. Circumstances that fully correspond to our true selves. Today will inevitably follow this and make us feel these feelings even more strongly. And especially with the Pisces Moon, all the sensations that come with it will be intensified. We have an “exciting” day ahead of us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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