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With today's daily energy on November 10, 2022, the lingering influences of the past total lunar eclipse reach us on the one hand and on the other hand we are now within the third portal day. So today we are going through another portal, which in turn paves the way for us into a new state of consciousness and transcending experiences and offers general insights into our inner field. For this reason, the prevailing energy quality remains high and affects our energy system in profound ways.

Lingering Forces

Lingering ForcesRegardless of the portal day, however, one can state that we are still feeling the strong aftermath of the past total lunar eclipse and that this energy quality is still largely responsible for the intensity of the current days (Eclipses affect us a few days in advance and afterwards). In this context, a concentrated charge of high-energy currents reached us, which led us all into a special state of self-reflection and in this regard flushed countless hidden patterns to the surface. For example, I experienced the day as very stormy. I also felt that I was on the wrong track and was confronted with a major conflict in my personal life, which threw me off track for a short time. As for that, that was also a theme that was already showing up on the day of the Scorpio eclipse and has now come to completion. Ultimately, as already mentioned, hidden structures were made visible. In this respect, eclipses also act as a whole like great confronting, fateful, but nevertheless (at the core) healing events upon us, through which only our innermost core is further exposed and we are given the opportunity to gain even more self-empowerment. And this total lunar eclipse did so with full intensity.

Moon in the zodiac sign Gemini

Moon in the zodiac sign GeminiWell then, apart from this strong energy quality, the waning moon also changed yesterday at 14:41 p.m. to the zodiac sign Gemini and since then has brought us the influences of the air sign. As far as this is concerned, the zodiac sign Gemini always has a very changeable effect on our emotional life and can make us sway inwardly in this regard. We feel more sociable and, on the other hand, may be more attracted to circumstances that are associated with ease and detachment. Thus, the twin zodiac sign wants to raise our emotional life into the air/lightness, but conversely it can also be accompanied by an emotionally fluctuating and unstable state, depending on the starting point of our current life. And since the sun is still in the zodiac sign Scorpio, hidden parts can also show up in this regard, for example aspects that make us feel unstable or even unstable, because Scorpio wants to make everything visible. With this in mind, I wish you all a successful Portal Day. Stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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