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Today's daily energy on November 10 represents an exchange and balancing of energies. For this reason, today's daily energy can also, in particular, -if an energetic imbalance is imminent or is about to form, provide balance. Ultimately, we should therefore focus today on creating a balanced state of consciousness and, above all, keep in mind that a permanent balance can always inspire us in the same way.

Exchange and balancing of energies

Exchange and balancing of energiesIn this context, balance is also something very important, somewhere even something that is essential for creating a harmonious state of consciousness. So it is simply important for a harmonious, peaceful and, above all, happiness-oriented range of thoughts to be able to live a certain mental stability, a certain balance again. If our own mind/body/soul system is not in balance in this regard, then it is quite difficult for us to be able to lead a life of spiritual freedom and love again. An imbalanced mental state also indicates that one lets oneself be dominated by certain states. Especially in today's materially oriented performance-oriented society, many people let themselves be ruled by countless fears, compulsions, suffering or even other energetically dense thoughts/emotions/habits and as a result create a life that is in no way accompanied by a balance. Of course, this is in no way bad or even reprehensible, because after all it is of utmost importance for our own well-being to experience the dark, to recognize shadows, to accept them and, above all, to understand that these are an important aspect of our lives represent. Nevertheless, at some point it becomes important to create a balanced life again and that just doesn't work if we let our own shadow parts dominate us again and again for years.

If we humans manage to lead a life in balance, if we create a certain inner balance again and then live in harmony with nature, then we will realize how carefree and above all free we can feel..! !

Well then, apart from the balance, today's daily energy is also accompanied by various star constellations. On the one hand, the positive connection between the sun and Pluto still has an effect on us, continues to give us intensive energies and can also continue to favor a harmonization of our own spectrum of thoughts. For this reason we can still have more vitality, energy and drive today. On the other hand, this constellation is still perfect for the implementation or realization of new projects. The Leo moon, on the other hand, can also make us dominant and self-confident today. In the same way, the feeling of wanting to be praised or even appreciated could make itself felt (wanting to be the center of attention). Otherwise, there is still a square of the Moon and Jupiter for a short time (square= 2 celestial bodies that take an angle of 90 degrees to each other|| of a disharmonious nature), which could make us more irritated overall.

Because of today's energy of the day, we should continue to devote ourselves to new projects and use our energy to create new circumstances..!!  

This constellation can also make itself felt in our relationships, can cause certain conflicts and disadvantages, which is why we should rather avoid becoming arrogant towards our partner today. In the same way, we should also generally avoid conversations that could end in discussions. Well, in the end this irritation should subside again towards the afternoon. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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