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daily energy

Today's daily energy on May 10, 2022 is characterized on the one hand by the waxing moon, which has now overcome its crescent shape and is now heading towards its complete state (Full moon on May 16th). For that matter, this full moon will even be accompanied by an extremely powerful and energetically very changing event, as it will be upon us in six days a total lunar eclipse, i.e. a blood moon. Such an event is always said to have pure magic. Blood moons in particular played a major role in earlier advanced civilizations and are also part of religious writings, treatises and prophecies.

Coming blood moon

daily energyBasically, lunar eclipses or blood moons are always accompanied by immense energy and essentially represent a profound period of change. They are large portals that influence us and thereby release unimagined potential within us, potential through which our own path in life can be completely realigned. In exactly the same way, blood moons lead us even closer to our true selves and allow us to recognize what really belongs to us or what really brings us healing and what doesn't. Great letting go processes, strong self-knowledge and moments of recognition are therefore extremely present states or possible experiences on and around blood moon days. Ultimately, one could also speak of days on which a total inner transformation can be initiated. And especially in the current high phase of collective awakening, in which many are dealing with their own being in the most profound way and are also developing their true primal power even more (to master their own being and, above all, to master the times to come), the blood moon can work real miracles. And as I said, it is now more important than ever that we develop our true primal power and immerse ourselves in our inner peace. Ultimately, this represents one of the highest levels of mastery of all, i.e. entering a state in which we experience complete peace, relaxation and harmony within ourselves and, above all, permanently or to a very large extent. Our inner space is no longer overloaded with burdens or damaged patterns, but filled with lightness and calm. Hardly anything triggers us anymore, or rather we have learned to remain rooted in our inner lightness, even when crises try to arise on the outside.

Retrograde Mercury

Retrograde MercuryExactly the same applies to the current phase. In this regard, Mercury will go retrograde again at 13:47 p.m., changing its influence. Mercury retrograde is always accompanied by communication difficulties, technical disruptions and general misunderstandings (or he will shed light on relevant topics with us). It therefore marks a phase in which it is better to lean back instead of getting entangled in misunderstandings or, more precisely, Mercury retrograde shows us that we should root ourselves even more in our inner center. And if we can do that or if we are generally anchored in our inner center, along with the full source/God consciousness (we ourselves are the source), then we allow a state to become manifest in which the influence of the stars on our mind also changes significantly. We are then no longer influenced, but we influence, because as I said, everything in existence arises from our own field and is also embedded in our own mind. Well, finally, I would like to point out my latest video, in which I explicitly addressed the topic of harmony and also talked about why we should currently keep our inner sacred space pure more than ever. It has definitely become a valuable video. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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