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Today's daily energy on May 10, 2020 will continue to allow us to connect more closely with our own inner divinity this Sunday and will draw us even more strongly into states that are in turn divine/high-frequency in nature (The current liberation process on our planet or our inner liberation process is essentially aimed at this, i.e. that we ourselves fully awaken to our true creator existence/connect to our highest/liberated God consciousness - the more the deception within the system & above all The more self-imposed limitations are recognized in one's own mind, the more one creates a basis in which one can achieve the highest awakening - which is noticeable on all levels of existence, for example in one's own physicality, in one's own expression and in one's own charisma. Otherwise, you yourself live out a mental limitation - states of deficiency - I cannot accept a higher self-image - i.e. you see yourself as small and as a result you deny yourself the manifestation of a limitless/luminous state). Like yesterday Daily Energy Article addressed, the current overarching awakening process in particular leads us into a corresponding divine consciousness (divine self – the highest self-image).

Reprogram your mind

In doing so, we free ourselves more and more from self-imposed burdens, i.e. inner shadow-heavy states and, above all, from an ignorant/limited spiritual state in which a corresponding divine self-image is not present. The coming golden age could therefore also be described as a coming divine age in which humanity has mastered itself and thereby created a reality that is in turn based on beliefs, convictions and a deeply anchored knowledge that is in turn divine in nature. Little by little, we are experiencing a massive reprogramming of the collective mind globally. A constant inner un-veiling takes place and as we go through this journey, we continually expand our own minds into completely new & previously unknown/high-vibration topics (Topics that free your own mind instead of keeping it limited, like knowledge within the illusionary system). In this context it should also be said again that our reality is simply a product of all our programming (at least that is one of the most important aspects). Programming refers to convictions and beliefs, which in turn - anchored in our subconscious - because we have recognized them as truth, permanently create effects internally and, above all, externally. Ultimately we are pure consciousness, i.e. pure creator existence (because consciousness constantly expands to include new impressions/experiences/impulses – it creates), that itself has merely expanded in different directions (expanded to include information), thereby experiencing oneself and mastering it ever more strongly, possibly even across incarnations, i.e. adopting a divine programming.

Attract abundance & divinity into your life – YOUR POWER!!

For this reason, our own reality is also completely changeable, especially when we remove all limited and shadow-heavy programming (Attitudes, beliefs and habits) transform/rewrite and this happens when, on the one hand, we overcome ourselves through pure willpower (related to dependencies and co) and on the other hand, through an open mind and an open heart, enable ourselves to change our own limited self-image/world view. Within the system we have allowed completely destructive programming to be “implanted” in us by recognizing deceptions and shadows as truth. But this process is reversible; we can completely rewrite/realign ourselves. As I said, the key is an open mind and an open heart, because it is these components that allow us to accept the information behind the scenes (Of course, don't accept it blindly), instead of rejecting everything outright, laughing at it. And this is exactly the process humanity is currently going through! Everything is running at full speed and we are increasingly being drawn into the relevant knowledge. And along with this, our own self-image changes in the most profound way. Here again lies another key to transforming our own reality, because the image we have of ourselves (the image of ourselves – of the world), always manifests itself externally and subsequently creates circumstances and conditions based on this image.


The more we change our own self-image, i.e. the higher the image of ourselves becomes, the more we attract external circumstances that are based on this new/lighter image. The divine self-image, which is the greatest achievement within spiritual awakening and is completely suppressed within the system (because only an ignorant/mentally limited person can be manipulated and controlled), in turn brings about huge changes. The more you can recognize yourself as a divine instance or as the one source, the more you feel this and maintain such a self-image, the more we attract circumstances outside that are of a divine nature and these, in turn, are ALWAYS states of FULLNESS , related to ALL AREAS OF LIFE! Well, today's daily energy is based precisely on this circumstance and will reveal even more paths to ourselves, which in turn will lead us into our highest self-image. The charade in the world is falling and humanity is becoming more and more exposed. We are heading immediately toward a massive divine return. Times are becoming more and more unique. Great things are ahead of us! With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂 Exclusive News – Follow me on Telegram: https://t.me/allesistenergie

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