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Today's daily energy on March 10, 2022 is mainly accompanied by a continuing explosive vibrational quality and therefore continues to lead us into states of inner clarity. Shortly before the new astrological year reaches us with the coming spring equinox, i.e. the official start of spring (a high energy event – ​​major activation), will be discussed in this regard Old burdens and heavy energies have once again been brought to the surface of our consciousness. And by engaging in this special process, we can manifest an inner, liberated state through which we can then start the coming new year with ease (20. March), instead of moving into the new year with serious inner arrests.


OLD STRUCTURES are HEALEDThe entire energy quality is primarily designed to clear up heavy legacy burdens or heal one's own primal wounds, a circumstance that also has a global impact and accordingly brings to light major primal wounds in the collective. Nothing can or wants to remain hidden anymore, but truth and healing are currently becoming more visible than in the world. Old constructs, for example old life structures and patterns or even the outdated or gravity-based matrix system, continue to dissolve as a result. Resistance or even the suppression of corresponding patterns is therefore becoming less and less successful, because the current quality of time, as I said, wants to create space for truth and healing instead of for lies, gravity and fear (a new world based on implosion rather than explosion). And since this old energy quality is dwindling more and more or is in the process of dissolving, global attempts are being made to draw us into the vibration of fear more than ever, i.e. attempts are being made with all our might to keep the level of density alive, but what It's getting harder and harder to achieve, because as I said, the world is completely waking up from its deep sleep and truth is breaking out from all corners. Essentially, all structures are healed within the current vibration quality. Our spirit is in the process of rising completely from the dark into the holy and we should currently devote ourselves to this more than ever.

Healing through solar energy

SOLAR ENERGYWell and in this regard we are now receiving perfect support, because for about 1-2 weeks, curiously enough, since the new global conflict (Whatever the reason, there seems to be a connection in this regard), large Haarp cloud carpets are hardly visible in the sky. In the last few months the weather in Germany has been gray, dark, rainy and cloudy almost every day. I have never experienced this myself on such a large scale; there were only very few sunny days. Artificially generated weather fronts (which also puts a strain on your own psyche - everything is gray) dominated the days much more and it was therefore generally very cloudy. But currently that has changed and it feels like every day the sun is shining in the sky or the sun is barely obscured by clouds and that is a true blessing. Because as I said, the sun has an IMMENSE HEALING POWER on our mind, body and soul system. A healing power that we should definitely surrender to, especially in these times. At this point I would also refer you again to a corresponding section on the healing power of the sun, the page 8pillarsofhealth published:

"The Nobel Prize Winners David Bohm and  Albert Szent-Giörgi state that “matter is frozen light” and “all the energy we put into our bodies comes exclusively from the sun.” (...) What reduces solar radiation also reduces the absorbable, vital energy and causes diseases caused by a lack of light!” Basically, food is all just light in a solid form. All matter - including the plant, animal and human organism - stores sunlight with its photons and frequencies. All cells are ultimately built up from natural sunlight, are nourished, maintained and controlled by light because light contains all life impulses and frequencies. We need the light information contained in physical substances (e.g. in food).

Because proper and sufficient light is so imperative, more evolved creatures have multiple ways of absorbing it. We must consume light nourishment through the eyes and the skin at the same time in order to stay alive. But solid foods are also necessary. Strictly speaking, we take in light through the food chain as the most important part of nutrition. Therefore, all foods need a lot of unadulterated sunlight, which they emit as biophotons in the food and thus strengthen and control the consuming organism. It is essential for cell health to regularly expose the whole body to sunlight, even when the sky is overcast. Solar light energy is stored in the cells. According to the biophysicist Professor Doctor Fritz Albert Popp, humans are not meat eaters or vegetarians, but primarily light mammals. The more our food is made directly from light (vegetable food) or stores light energy through tanning, the easier it is for us to absorb the power of light contained therein. Basically, the solid food consists of sun photons and light frequencies that are stored in plant and animal substances - especially in the cell nucleus. Anything that reduces sunlight or the full range of frequencies - eg the UV component of sunlight - reduces the proportion of photons and light frequencies. 

Sunlight heals! Sunlight is an 'arcanum' = secret panacea(...) Sunlight with its light quanta and frequencies supplies all life-giving and regulating energy = vital nourishment for body and soul; this allows the organism to self-regulate, immunize and heal; this prevents lifestyle diseases. Sunlight controls hundreds of bodily functions. Sunlight has been used for healing purposes since ancient times. The knowledge of its healing power is empirical and undeniable!”

Ultimately, the sun means pure healing for our entire cell environment. Our mood is automatically lifted and our spirit is also brightened. So let's enjoy the current sunny days and completely surrender to the sun. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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