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On the one hand, today's daily energy on June 10, 2019 is still shaped by the moon in the zodiac sign Virgo, which means that we can still work on solutions to everyday problems and other inner conflicts (a great deal is currently being clarified – is being adjusted) and on the other side of the continue very strong basic energetic quality. The mood remains charged and puts us in states of consciousness from which an incredible reality can emerge.

Heavy cleanup/cleaning

In this context it should also be said that the currently prevailing potential, which in turn is characterized by enormous intensity, brings with it an incredible cleansing effect, i.e. our cells are completely flushed out (on an energetic level, strong frequencies/light – on a material level, high-frequency food/high-frequency water – new consciousness) and with this a lot of heavy energies are released. As a result, we reach lightness, high and, above all, light states. In this regard, our inner world always transfers itself to the outer world. The lighter we feel as a result, i.e. the brighter our inner world is, the brighter/easier the circumstances are that we allow to become manifest on the outside - an unavoidable process (Lack attracts more lack and abundance attracts more abundance). And since we are currently very much approaching our original state, based on lightness, light and abundance, we are also creating correspondingly bright circumstances outside. A new collective consciousness is therefore emerging and something incredible is happening in the background. Ultimately, this magic can be felt more strongly than ever before. This was also very noticeable in the last two days, which were characterized by strong contrasts for me personally. Yesterday evening (Pentecost – sending of the Holy Spirit) or rather last night I even experienced a state in which it felt like a lot of things were in harmony. It was pure magic and came with a lot of love. This also made the current possibilities clear to me again (Because a few hours before I was tired and in a restless mood).

When the mind is completely absorbed in something, it will lose some of its fear. Only when he is absorbed in love and the knowledge of the divine source will he lose all fear. – Aldous Huxley..!!

Basically, everything in existence is based on our mind (we are the origin, the way, the truth and the life). In this regard, we can immerse ourselves in completely different states of consciousness at any time, the possibility exists at any time. While one moment we may be demotivated, tired and exhausted, the next moment we can enter a completely new state of consciousness characterized by motivation, energy and love, it just depends on the alignment of our mind and the use of our creative potential. For example, imagine a version of yourself that is completely fulfilled and happy. At the end of the day, this version already exists (a possibility embedded in one's own creative field), it is just waiting to be lived and that is possible, in this moment. Today, which is still characterized by a very strong energy, we could therefore take advantage of this primal potential and completely immerse ourselves in a correspondingly fulfilled state. The day and especially the current phase is predestined for this. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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