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Today's daily energy on July 10, 2021 brings us the extremely magical influences of the moon, to be more precise even the new moon in the zodiac sign Cancer. The new moon, which already reached its corresponding peak at 03:19 in the night, but will of course continue to affect us throughout the day, will be us once again into our own origin. Thanks in particular to the water sign, we can completely surrender to this natural flow and bathe in the associated original energies of the new beginning.

Back to the origin

new moonAfter all, in the current days everything is truly coming down to our own origin. On the one hand, this circumstance can be attributed to the second summer month, i.e. July, which not only brings healing to us on all levels of existence due to the generally high frequency of events, but stands for maximum abundance and because of which it exerts a correspondingly strong pull on us (for abundance in particular represents a fundamental aspect of our origin - the harvest of our previously planted spiritual/spiritual seeds in summer), on the other hand, due to the now extremely advanced process of awakening, heavy energies are released from our systems every day. Gigantic dissolution processes are currently taking place and countless new levels have been and are being activated in the background. On the other hand, we must never lose sight of an all-important fact: “Our own mind shapes the outer world and is instrumental in the remodeling process of the earth. The current changing condition on earth is a result of our changing or meanwhile greatly changed spirit. At its core, this means the more we awaken inwardly and, along with it, elevate our own spirit (stronger/more divine self-image through becoming aware of one's own holy spirit in combination with overcoming old defective patterns - beliefs/behaviours/sensations), the more the world is reshaped and also undergoes an increased transformation into the golden state. Through our profound awakening, through our permanent work on ourselves, through our massively increased self-image ("We are all Creators/Gods/Source/Unique Beings") we trigger serious changes in the collective spirit. The matter thus adapts to the increased self-image over time, a process that has therefore been going on for years (in which we could all let our own spirit become even more real again and again) redesigned the world and now always leads to new highlights (As said, the main aspect of the increased planetary frequency lies in the awakened spirit of each individual).

Back to the origin

This adaptation is currently so advanced that not only is the old 3D world crumbling more than ever and countless people have awakened as a result, but we ourselves are also receiving what feels like the last energetic upgrades to master ourselves. For example, my mind now led me completely automatically into a circumstance in which I myself formed new habits - only in the forest (daily tours) walking barefoot + sleeping on the floor every night. Why is this original? Well, walking barefoot is extremely grounding, i.e. healing and connects us to the earth, should be common by now. Sleeping on the floor or on a hard surface massages + in turn corrects countless muscular tensions, misalignments and acts like a strong night-time massage. But the most special thing about it is above all the self-overcoming, because by doing something difficult/uncomfortable at the beginning, you overcome yourself. This makes you proud of yourself, i.e. you perceive yourself better. One is happy about one's own overcoming power, experiences increased willpower and this in turn ensures increased love for oneself. And a strong self-love in turn allows more love and abundance to thrive + attract on the outside. And since abundance/love is our origin, I knew that this was original information/impulses that led me to these circumstances, circumstances through which I myself was and will be led even more into my own perfect/healed origin.

Today's magic

And ultimately that is the special magic of the current days. Countless highly important information reaches us and everything wants to lead us into our own origin. So pay attention to the signs. Nothing happens by accident, and the divine plan is now fully unfolding. And today's new moon day, which stands for the manifestation of new patterns, circumstances, encounters and information, can truly let us feel this process in a deep way. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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