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Today's daily energy on July 10, 2019 is characterized on the one hand by the moon in the zodiac sign Scorpio (Change takes place at 11:32 a.m), through which influences reach us that favor emotional, passionate and, above all, ambitious moods (we feel charged/energetic/alive - which, by the way, can be experienced very strongly at the moment anyway due to the intensive energetic basic quality). At the same time, our self-overcoming could also be in the foreground, i.e. we break out of our self-created old structures and are ready to allow new structures to become manifest (we let go of the old – embrace the new)

Unleash our limitless potential


Unleash our limitless potentialThe Scorpio Moon influences therefore also go hand in hand with the current basic collective energy, namely the new or new states of consciousness based on abundance, instead of continuing to maintain states of deficiency. The manifestation of a mind/body/spirit system or a spiritual state, from which a reality characterized by abundance arises, is simply becoming more and more present and the perfect time has now come to completely open up to 5D structures. Especially since the total solar eclipse, when a powerful portal was opened, a corresponding change has been more in the foreground than ever, yes, currently the whole thing is even more violent than ever before (an incredible process is taking place). And the whole thing will become even stronger in terms of intensity, i.e. everything will escalate until July 16th, because then a second “eclipse” will reach us, namely a lunar eclipse (Full moon – previously two portal days on July 12th and 13th). Well, ultimately this stormy phase becomes apparent again when we look at the current planetary resonance frequency, because it has been showing permanent anomalies for a few days/weeks (see below picture).

Planetary resonance frequency

In the past few days, things have always been impulsive. And the situation is similar with the influences of the sun (see top image – K index). Last night there was a beam that went out (red) recorded. Whether we therefore have this day (or in the coming days) stronger solar winds reach remains to be seen (There will be more detailed information in tomorrow's daily energy article/or spontaneous updates depending on the intensity), but it would be conceivable and especially in the current days, which are catapulting us into 5D, anything is possible. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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