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Today's daily energy on January 10, 2020 is mainly characterized by powerful lunar influences, because at 20:21 p.m. a special full moon reaches us in the zodiac sign Cancer (Ice Moon – the first full moon in a new year). Before that, a partial lunar eclipse will also manifest, i.e. the moon moves through the Earth's penumbra from 18:00 p.m. and then reaches its peak at 20:11 p.m.

The first energetic peak of this decade

Ultimately, the beginning of the golden decade will be initiated with an extremely powerful event. The first full moon this year, accompanied by a lunar eclipse (especially the only lunar eclipse this year), for this reason represents the first energetic peak of this year/decade and is considered to be extremely high in frequency. This full moon is said to have a special magic and self-knowledge, as well as the feeling of our own ideas, which we have brought into harmony, will be given to us. On the other hand, this full moon represents completion and perfection. Well, full moons, as the name suggests, always represent completeness, but especially the end of the last decade and especially the beginning of this decade, in which we have very strongly rooted our highest divine spirit within ourselves (and with this we know that everything in existence arises from ourselves, - that we ourselves represent existence and ourselves as creators have created everything, - that we ourselves are everything - oneself is everything and everything is oneself - it There is only one creative authority, yourself, - everything outside, all of humanity, is based on ideas about humanity that we ourselves, as creators, have created - no one else creates for you, no one else creates ideas in your mind That only happens within you - because only you create and you yourself have created a creation in which creators exist who can become aware of it in exactly the same way), flow into this full moon and therefore leave us with a divine perfection (our perfection) sense. It is therefore an extremely powerful event that can also show us new directions in which we can expand our own minds. After all, everything is currently aimed at us realizing our own higher self and thereby completely transforming the world, bringing our divinity to earth in order to usher in the golden age. Today's full moon or today's lunar eclipse will allow us to feel this divinity very strongly.

Today's full moon is accompanied by incredible energy, which is particularly intensified by the partial lunar eclipse. Basically, the energy of the full moon is changed quite significantly or reaches a different quality. Especially during eclipses, for example, people like to say that what is hidden is revealed or, better said, comes into our awareness. Since a lunar eclipse is reaching us, the focus may be on topics/information that are of a female/maternal nature. On the other hand, eclipses are often accompanied by something big - for example, with a profound change in life or even with life-changing self-knowledge..!!

On the other hand, we could also experience dreamy moods, withdraw a little and let the energy of the moon affect us, because the Cancer sign favors corresponding moods. Either way, today's lunar events bring us extremely potent energy that allows us to sense countless structures and ideas. Well, as far as that goes, I'll quote a paragraph from the page liebeisstleben.de:

“We have the first full moon, also known as the wolf moon or ice moon, this year 2020. It is a special magical full moon that also occurs with a lunar eclipse. Special energies are released that open our eyes to what has remained hidden from us for a long time. There is also a great opportunity to promote relationships and resolve conflicts with this full moon.

The lunar cycle has reached its peak. All available energy is in play. All living things are under high tension. This releases unexpected powers, but it also creates a certain restlessness that seems to spread everywhere. With the full moon in Cancer, caring is very noticeable. At the forefront is the longing for home and home as well as the search for peace and security. With this special Full Moon in Cancer, we are rarely as sensitive, caring and emotional as we are today. Unfortunately, we react offended more quickly than usual. We are grateful that people and events can touch us at all. Feelings are part of our humanity and can show us the way to right action.”

At the end of the day it will be an extremely energetic day and we can be excited to see where our journey will take us and what insights we will gain. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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