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Today's daily energy on January 10, 2018 is shaped on the one hand by the moon in the zodiac sign Pisces and on the other hand by the influences of a portal day. For this reason, today's energy quality will be accompanied by a special upswing. In this regard, we already had stronger influences regarding the planetary resonance frequency yesterday (see picture below).

Portal day influences

daily energyIn general, the intensity of the current energy is overwhelming and all the cleansing processes intensify in the background. In doing so, we are heading towards a completely new state of being, which in turn is accompanied by an attitude to life that is harmonious in nature. Portal day influencesAfter part of humanity has experienced profound changes in recent years as part of the collective change, i.e. has legitimized completely new beliefs and convictions in their own minds (Complete change of one's own worldview - seeing through the matrix system or recognizing a prison that has in turn been built around one's own mind - return to nature) and became much more aware of one's own true nature, a phase has now begun in which a part not only experiences becoming whole, i.e. re-enters its full creative power (consciously), finds its way back to its true nature and lets go of past patterns, but also again, after countless incarnations, enters natural fullness. This is exactly what is currently happening to me to a very large extent, i.e. I am reaching more and more into my natural fullness and finding my way back to my true self (and thus attracting new circumstances and people into my life).

Changing the world is not your mission. Changing yourself is not your job. Awakening to your true nature is your opportunity. – Mooji..!!

It all started three to four months ago, but especially since I've been harvesting a lot of medicinal herbs in the forest every day for almost two months now and then drinking them (in the form of shakes - I provide detailed information about this in this video: How medicinal plants changed my life).

Attract your natural fullness

Attract your natural fullnessUltimately it is the natural abundance of nature/the forest (forest/Medicinal herbs from nature = abundance, liveliness, vital substances, – system/food from the system, – deficiency, lack of vitality and deficient/unnatural vital substances), which I absorb into my system every day, which means that I have now drawn significantly more abundance into my life, because in the end these primal foods or these medicinal herbs, which represent our creation itself and have a divine aspect in terms of coding, represent of the day the abundance of nature. It is therefore a fundamental aspect through which we find much more of our true nature, yes, by absorbing it we even become more one with nature, otherwise if we are completely dependent on the system and eat food that is influenced entirely by the system , as incomprehensible/too simple as it may sound, we are one with the system, which in turn is completely based on lack. The return to nature or “becoming one” with nature also makes us completely independent (Food from the forest, free energy - natural abundance, at some point you will be drawn there, i.e. to complete isolation, your own water system with groundwater/stream sources, etc.), because becoming whole also includes a self-sustaining aspect. You are completely in your own creative power and have detached yourself from the system, you no longer need it and no longer want to be “connected” to it because you are drawn to nature/natural abundance. In this regard, system always means dependence, especially the dependence on unclean energy sources and unnatural foods is worth mentioning here (in nature there is an abundance of natural food/abundance - the system's food supply has nothing to do with natural abundance, it is based much more on it Shortage). Well, to come back to my personal experiences, since this time or since I have absorbed the natural abundance of the forest/nature into myself and, at the same time, have been significantly more present in my true being, I have also been attracting much more abundance into my life and I feel internally how I am increasingly moving towards a completely new state (especially since a feeling of lightness pervades me almost constantly at the moment). In addition, along with the abundance, as mentioned above, I attract circumstances into my life that correspond to my true nature/frequency, completely automatically. There is also a very special aspect to this, because after all these years I was now able to clear up countless structures from my past (past relationships, experiences, etc.) that still had a lasting influence on my state of being. Everything was moving towards this and within a few days I was able to draw a complete line in the sand about this, something I had never been able to do in all the last few years. It also felt extremely liberating and showed me once again the acceleration of current times towards true nature.

Buddha nature is – above all else – mindfulness. The practice of mindfulness is the practice of bringing the Buddha to life in the present moment. She is the true Buddha. – Thich Nhat Hanh..!!

Now that our thoughts and emotions flow into the collective state of consciousness, significantly more people will now increasingly have similar experiences or increasingly come to their true nature, simply because this basic feeling flows into the collective mind and consequently, because everything is connected on a spiritual level connected, reached the minds of other people, just as my increased return to nature was now also favored in the same way, since the feelings and impulses of other people who have currently experienced/are going through similar things have certainly reached me (a circumstance that I have experienced very often in recent years). Well friends, it is truly a special time at the moment and as already mentioned in yesterday's daily energy article, anything is possible for us at the moment. We can achieve so much and also move towards a state of feeling completely free, independent and, above all, truthful. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support 🙂 

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