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Today's daily energy on February 10, 2019 will continue to be characterized by a stronger basic energetic quality, because it is another portal day, to be precise, as already announced in the title, it is the third portal day of a ten-day portal day phase. For this reason, energies reach us that can really wash through us and not just our current mental/mental developmentwithin the process of spiritual awakening, but also, if it is the case, can show us inner conflicts.

Lack of energy or excess?!

Lack of energy or excess?!On the other hand, these days our entire Mind/body/spirit system, which is not only extremely complex/intelligent, but is also very sensitive, react much more sensitively to corresponding influences. In this context, I have often explained that illnesses are always first born in our minds. For example, if we are subject to internal conflicts or even deal with conflicts over a longer period of time, which in turn put a strain on us, then this leads to a burden or a lack of energy that becomes noticeable throughout our entire organism and consequently the development of promotes diseases. A strong, balanced and stable mind therefore represents the best basis for enjoying excellent health. However, we should keep in mind that the most diverse influences, experienced and created by ourselves (since everything arises from our own mind), our system, which can react extremely sensitively (different from person to person - apart from our spiritual foundation, which is the basis of all life, we are completely individual), can burden. Precisely because the planetary resonance frequency has been increasing or becoming stronger for years and the associated awakening of ourselves, we can react much more strongly to influences that are of a low-frequency nature (or which for us are of a low-frequency nature - the decision/evaluation lies with us, polarity arises from our mind). Something similar happened to me now. In this context it should be said that since I have been going through the process of awakening (process of becoming whole - awakening of one's own divinity), I have hardly ever gotten sick at all, and haven't been sick for years (my spiritual journey began in early 2014).

When I really began to love myself, I realized that my thinking could make me miserable and sick, but when I called on the strength of my heart, the mind got an important partner, this connection I now call “heart wisdom.” - Charlie Chaplin. .!!

After a long time it was that time again and yesterday I experienced an illness (sore throat - exhaustion). Because when I noticed this, I took appropriate measures (several enemas to relieve my intestines, two medicinal herb shakes, ingredients collected in the forest, - living food, golden milk, chamomile tea and lots of rest), I only experienced the illness for a day, i.e. I woke up with a severe sore throat and a sick feeling, but due to the previous preventative measures I was able to experience relief for hours and felt inside that I would be almost cured today (thanks to nature and a lot of rest, - I don't use medication, - I want to relieve my system instead of burdening it with chemicals). I also resolved an internal conflict by saying something that I had not previously revealed to a loved one. Ultimately, apart from some of the other factors that caused/experienced a lack of energy in my mind, this also played a role in promoting the illness (my throat chakra was affected). At the end of the day, these are also smaller conflicts that, apart from other factors, create illnesses. Say you're fed up with something (cold), you don't dare say something (sore throat), something is heavy in your stomach/I have to digest it first (stomach pain), it's getting to me. Illnesses are also to be understood as the language of our soul and always bring internal conflicts to our attention. Well, in conclusion I can only say that this fact also shows me, at least for me personally, the intensity of the current portal day phase. It is a special phase and we can not only become aware of new aspects, but also be immediately confronted with old patterns or even inner conflicts. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am grateful for any support 🙂 

Joy of the day on February 10, 2019 – mastering problems and challenges
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