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Today's daily energy on December 10, 2017 can be responsible for us being progressive, determined, inventive and unconventional in some way. In particular, our determination can be in the foreground and lead to us implementing certain things without any ifs and buts, i.e. with full determination. In this context, we humans tend to do so due to a lack of willpower or Because of their devotion to gluttony, entertainment and addictive behavior of all kinds, they tend to push things aside and often even repress them.

Two determining star constellations are at work

daily energyHowever, today's daily energy can be responsible for ensuring that we do not suppress certain activities but tackle them with enthusiasm and determination. On the other hand, today's daily energy also represents our feminine side of being and can subsequently make us intuitive and emotional. In this context, every human being has a female and a male side, i.e. female and male parts (attributable to the principle of polarity and sexuality). It often happens that one side of a person is more pronounced than the other. Either we are very analytical and intellectually oriented, or we tend to act very emotionally and intuitively. Ultimately, it is important to find a healthy middle ground and bring our two sides into harmony, or rather balance. It is important that both sides are expressed, rather than one side being in the foreground and the other fading into the background. For that matter, in today's world we tend to undermine either side. In particular, various media instances + society give us a corresponding image that is partly responsible for the shape of a page. But you shouldn't complain about it, because after all, we humans are responsible for what happens to us in our own lives and can choose how far we act. Otherwise, various star constellations reach us again today, which contribute a significant part to the daily energy. So the day began at 08:11 a.m. with a trine, i.e. with a positive connection between the Moon and Pluto, which meant that our emotional life and our sentimental nature could be strong. At 10:28 a.m. we also reached a trine between Mercury and Uranus, which can make us progressive, energetic, determined and unconventional in a certain way. Ultimately, this is also a very determining constellation that will accompany us throughout the day and is responsible for our determination.

Today's daily energetic circumstances are shaped by two determining star constellations. On the one hand, a positive connection between Mercury and Uranus can make us quite determined, progressive and strong-willed, but on the other hand, a disharmonious constellation between Venus and Neptune can really confuse us, especially when it comes to our emotional world and our sexual relationship..!! 

At 14:47 p.m. a square, i.e. a tension aspect between Venus and Neptune became effective for 2 days, which can cause us, on the one hand, inhibitions in love, but on the other hand also erotic aberrations due to a strong longing for love without fulfillment. This can also result in discouragement and bitterness. Last but not least, at 19:34 p.m. we reach a square between the Moon and Mercury, which can be responsible for the fact that we are superficial and unstable, but can also act hastily. This connection could also result in incorrect use of our mental abilities. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Star Constellation Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2017/Dezember/10

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