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daily energy

Today's daily energy stands for the power of initiation and inspiration, for access to our own inner core. So today we can prepare ourselves for a day when we should definitely devote ourselves to creative processes in order to be able to record breakthroughs in our own areas, regarding our own projects. For this reason we should concentrate on ourselves today and above all on the realization of our own projects and thoughts, Ideas that may have been neglected recently or where progress was hardly possible for various reasons.

The realization of your own ideas

Age of AwakeningIn this context, I am currently also working on an RPG game called "Age of Awakening" (a role-playing game that is very closely related to today's world events). The creation process is currently taking a lot of energy and requires my full attention. I've been working on the intro of the game for 4 weeks, which was sometimes very nerve-wracking. Since yesterday evening the intro is as good as finished. When the time came yesterday evening, I immediately felt liberated and immediately received countless new creative input, which I will use today in a targeted manner. So it inspires me a lot to be able to work on the other game scenes today and I really feel how motivated and creative I am today. Due to the circumstances and above all the daily energy, it is therefore just perfect today to invest time in your own projects and plans. Well then, apart from that, today's daily energy also stands for a birth of all aspects of one's own being. No matter what you plan to do today, no matter what you want to do today, be aware with every activity that today is a day when great things can be achieved.

Everyone has different wishes and dreams, ideas and plans, which may have been anchored in their own subconscious for countless years and are just waiting to be realized..!!

If you have been planning to initiate important changes in your life for a long time, then today is the perfect time to put such a plan back into action. For this reason, use the potential of today's daily energy and start again to put ideas and other plans of your own into action. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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