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Today's daily energy on April 10, 2022 is mainly shaped by the energies of the second portal day this month, which in turn will reach us throughout the day or accompany us energetically through a comprehensive portal. So we are once again led through a special mixture of energies and subsequently experience a day that... can reveal some things in the depths of our minds. On the other hand, we are also influenced by the waxing moon, which in turn changed to the zodiac sign Leo at 05:56 a.m. and has been giving us the energies of the element of fire ever since.

Fire and portal energies

Fire and portal energies

The zodiac sign Leo itself, which particularly appeals to our sense organs in combination with the moon, essentially represents our self-empowerment or strong self-expression and the clearing up of inner doubts and, above all, the clearing up of inner states through which we always feel let yourself be kept small again (We harm ourselves by repeatedly giving space or attention to disharmonious thoughts). The fire wants to be ignited in us much more, i.e. it wants to blaze, to be lived, we should accept life with full devotion and, above all, dedicate ourselves to our innermost heart's desires and dreams (the realization of our inner world), instead of continuing a life in rigid or stressful routines without breaking out of these states. Well, an essential aspect of life is - which is of course also part of mastering our own incarnation - to allow a state to manifest itself, which in turn is accompanied by complete satisfaction. But due to our decades of living within density, we have forgotten how to live a life of lasting ease, abundance, joy and self-love. In this regard, we repeatedly allow heaviness to enter our hearts and as a result we can only focus on what is supposedly bad/dark.

Open hearts – new impulses

It is therefore the greatest task during this time that we open/keep our hearts open, i.e. that we allow love to enter our inner world in order to then be able to create a world full of love. When we accept and love ourselves unconditionally, only then do we enter a level where we can activate the collective in this regard. There is simply no path to a world full of love, love is much more the path. Well, due to today's portal day energies, we are asked to go through or get to know new levels of our being. And thanks to the energies of the fiery Leo zodiac sign, we can pursue new impulses full of fire and vigor if necessary. So let us approach today with mindfulness. Precious moments can reach us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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