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Today's daily energy on September 09th continues to stand for change, transformation and the end of old mental structures. We humans continue to experience an energetic high, which in turn is due to various factors. On the one hand, the fourth portal day of a 10-day series reaches us today. On the other hand, we are still feeling the effects of various solar storms (some larger + some smaller), which continue to shake up our own mind/body/spirit system.

Continued transformation + change

Continued transformation + changeBecause of this, we can continue to feel either overwhelmed or even electrified/energized. In the same way, strong emotional swings, concentration problems, increased tiredness or feelings of listlessness can also become noticeable in one's own reality. Due to the extremely high energetic environment, our entire energetic system is simply shaken up. Ultimately, however, all of this is in no way negative in nature, but an important aspect of the current collective awakening. Through these solar storms, our entire energetic system is literally cleared, completely flooded with high energies, which releases old burdens, karmic entanglements and other negative aspects. Even if this process can be perceived as very painful or strenuous, we must never forget that this is an important cleansing from which we humans will emerge stronger. The entire process ultimately serves the further development + development of our own mental + spiritual abilities and accelerates the current quantum leap into awakening.

Due to the current high vibrational circumstances, we humans are confronted more than ever with our own shadow parts, which in turn makes us aware of our own self-created imbalance..!!

For this reason, we should not permanently focus on the negative aspects of this highly energetic phase, but should always keep in mind that, firstly, everything should be exactly as it is currently and, secondly, everything serves our own development. In this sense stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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