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Today's daily energy on November 09th, 2019 is characterized on the one hand by the moon in the zodiac sign Aries (Change took place yesterday morning at 12:49 p.m. - Influences: open to new living conditions/states of consciousness - Decisive & quick reaction to various life situations – more pronounced willpower & emotional liveliness) and on the other hand from the beginning of winter influences.

The beginning of winter influences

The beginning of winter influencesOf course, on the other hand, the final energies of this decade are also affecting us, i.e. we are still in the most important months of all and are heading towards them at top speed golden decade to. A strong transformation, accompanied by the dissolution of countless old/destructive beliefs, the healing of one's own open emotional wounds and, above all, the transformation of disharmonious living conditions, therefore continues to experience a very strong concentration. Ultimately, this process will intensify, an inevitable circumstance because a large part of humanity, especially those who are already deeply (consciously – for quite some time) are rooted in spiritual processes, are preparing, whether consciously or unconsciously, for the coming golden decade, which is why an inner space is simply manifested in which more space is made available for harmonious and, above all, creative states. In the current two final months, the most important course for the golden age (initiated within ourselves), and we ourselves are preparing for the beginning of the most important decade of all. Well, nevertheless, the beginnings of winter are slowly starting to affect us, which not only makes us a little more contemplative, relaxed, withdrawn and philosophizing/thoughtful, but we can also experience strong self-reflection - which of course also comes with becoming conscious. Cleaning up your own old 3D patterns goes hand in hand.

Within the overarching process of spiritual awakening, a very strong healing process takes place, i.e. a process through which we not only find ourselves very strongly (origin consciousness - you yourself are the origin, the source, the creator), but we also, At the same time, we clean up ancient fears/shadow patterns on our part. In the current two months, this situation has come to a head and we ourselves are beginning to close or heal our primal emotional wounds. It is therefore an incredibly powerful process that takes place. A process through which we learn to love ourselves completely..!!

The magic of the beginning of winter also contributes to a large extent in this regard - especially in combination with the prevailing final energies, this creates an unexpectedly strong pull. After all, the current days are accompanied by an incredible magic and the atmosphere has rarely been as magical as it is currently. In addition, the play of colors in nature is beautiful. It is also starting to freeze and the colder climate allows us to regain our strength (The strength lies in the cold). The beginning of the transition to winter paves new paths for us and allows us to experience a very special magic. Spending time in nature in particular is associated with a magic that can help us find peace. For this reason, we should also take advantage of these influences and enjoy the magic of nature and the magical atmosphere. It's the best time to regain your strength (Grounding). With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.


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