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Today's daily energy on November 09th, 2017 stands for our self-love and the associated acceptance of our own existence. In this context, loving yourself is also something that has been lost somewhere in today's world. So we humans are much more inclined to let our own ego mind dominate us, are materially oriented, We tend to allow ourselves to be dominated/overwhelmed by our own mental problems and, over time, we weaken our connection to our own soul.

self-acceptance and self-love

daily energyIn this regard, the soul also represents our own loving, empathetic, caring, non-judgmental and, above all, high-vibration aspect. The more we act from our own soul in this context, the more we identify with it again and, above all, ever The more our own intentions and thoughts are in harmony with our own emotional desires, the better off we are. People who, in turn, act largely out of their materially oriented mind, are rather cold-hearted, like to judge other people's lives or even the worlds of thought, do not respect nature and the animal world and, at the same time, have little self-love - or a supposed one Living out self-love in the form of narcissism only harms themselves, keeps their own horizons limited, diminishes their own mental potential and leads a life that is much more accompanied by lower thoughts/emotions. Nevertheless, nowadays, due to very special increases in vibration (attributable to increased cosmic radiation that comes from our galactic core||keyword galactic pulse), more and more people are again gaining a connection (an identification) to their own soul, becoming more empathetic, selfless and in the overall Above all, follow self-loving (a process that is currently progressing, reaching more and more people, but will continue for a few more years).

Identification with our own soul, i.e. our high-vibration/empathic being, is becoming an increasingly important aspect in today's world, which is ultimately also related to the 13.000-year awakening phase that humanity has been in for several years now..!! 

In this context, people are simply exploring their own origins again and discarding all programs based on lower thoughts (thoughts based on fear, hatred, envy, anger, jealousy, etc.).

Today's star constellations

Today's star constellationsFor this reason, self-love is also a topic that is becoming increasingly important and we as humans should therefore, especially in this overarching process, continually ask ourselves the question of what is stopping us from loving ourselves, what is stopping us from accepting ourselves?! Ultimately, we should use today's daily energy to discover our own self-love, should, if necessary, examine our own lives again, - should check to what extent we are satisfied with our lives and ourselves, in order to then initiate important changes again can. Well, apart from that, today's daily energy is also accompanied by exciting star constellations. A strong transit between the sun and Pluto will take effect today, which will accompany us very positively for about two days and allow us to feel powerful energies within us (a transit means a moving planet that has an aspect (angle) to one of our planets birth chart). For this reason, this 2-day phase will now be ideal for realizing your own projects. This can help us at lunchtime Sextile between Sun and Pluto also gives strong life force, energy and drive (sextile = 2 celestial bodies that are at an angle of 60 degrees to each other|| of harmonious nature). Before that, however, a negative aspect reaches us, namely a square of the Moon and Uranus, which could make us tend to be headstrong, fanatical, exaggerated or even irritable/moody. We therefore tend to have changing moods throughout, which in turn could affect our relationships.

Due to a transit between the Sun and Pluto, we should definitely work on implementing our own projects again in the next few days, because this constellation will support us in implementing them accordingly..!!

Towards the evening, a square of the Moon and Venus takes effect, which ultimately is not necessarily conducive to harmonious coexistence, especially in relation to partnerships. Inhibitions in love, unsatisfactory passions and emotional outbursts could be the result. Nevertheless, the day will end with a positive influence, because at the end a trine of Mouth Mercury inspires us, which gives us a good mind, quick wit, practical thinking and good judgment. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

Sternkonstellation Quelle: https://alpenschau.com/2017/11/09/mondkraft-heute-09-november-2017/

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