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Today's daily energy on May 09th, 2019 is characterized by the continued strong basic energetic quality, whereby our own mind continues to experience an enormous acceleration and all of our self-created attachments/blockages are to be dissolved and on the other hand by the moon in the zodiac sign Cancer, which means that we could be in a much more dreamy and spiritual mood parallel to the basic energies.

Changing our ideas

Indulging in peace could therefore be a priority or could benefit us greatly. Meditative states are particularly worth mentioning here, because it is particularly in meditation that we find peace. Meditation can also be very helpful when it comes to feeling your own disharmonious patterns and then changing them. In this context, all of our disharmonious states/ideas are completely changeable. A corresponding transformation is also absolutely necessary when it comes to immersing yourself in maximum abundance, because all disharmonious ideas and basic feelings create a reality that is based on these frequencies. We attract into our lives what we are and what we radiate. Our faith, our predominant ideas and convictions are therefore crucial, because as a whole these form a very strong aspect of our reality in terms of “attraction”. Therefore, ask yourself again and again, what do you believe in and, above all, what are you convinced of most of the day? Which feelings determine your everyday life? Convert everything that is not in harmony with your emotional desires, immerse yourself in the most beautiful feelings, trust and know that the feeling on the outside will come into your life as a manifestation of a life circumstance, it cannot be otherwise. your imagination (which takes place permanently) is therefore crucial. You could therefore put it another way: achieve the feeling of love, the feeling of self-confidence and inner strength, become complete and consequently also receive completeness on the outside - create. Well, because of the moon in the zodiac sign Cancer, we can, at least when we feel like it, go very deep within ourselves and also indulge in healing states.

The real meaning of our life is the pursuit of happiness. Whatever religion a person believes in, they are looking for something better in life. I believe happiness can be attained through training the mind. – Dalai Lama..!!

Especially due to the currently extremely strong basic energies, this can be very inspiring anyway, simply to be able to process the energetic influences better (The light floods our mind/body/soul system, flushes everything through). With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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