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Today's daily energy on March 09th, 2020 is mainly shaped by the influences of an extremely powerful full moon in the zodiac sign Virgo (The moon reaches its full form at 19:44 p.m) and therefore gives us very strong impulses. This full moon represents an energetic highlight this month (Another highlight is the coming equinox, i.e. the astrological start of the year on 20/21. March) and is all about abundance and completion, yes, this full moon will even bring many old structures to a conclusion and open up new paths to abundance for us.

The influences of the super full moon

The influences of the super full moonIn this regard, this full moon also has a greater impact on the collective consciousness, because today's full moon is also a so-called "super full moon". This is called a super full moon when the moon reaches its closest point to the Earth due to its orbit, resulting in a significantly larger and brighter appearance. For this reason, a corresponding super full moon has a much stronger effect on us and also intensifies the influences of the corresponding zodiac sign in which the moon is located, in this case it is Virgo. The Virgo zodiac sign in turn strengthens the urge within us to bring order into our lives and therefore not only allows us to reflect on old structures, a state that is generally pushed by the current ascension energies, but it also paves a corresponding path to transform old/burdening structures on our part. As far as this is concerned, we are all currently in the most enormous phase of change ever and hardly a day goes by when we are not asked to bring all of our unfulfilled structures into harmony. Today's super full moon day is therefore perfect for an inner transformation, or rather it strongly favors the completion of inner transformation processes on our part.

Activating our crown chakra

In addition, there is also a very strong activation of our crown chakra. In this context, I also pointed out in one of my last daily energy articles that, on the one hand, the corona virus represents the elite, which symbolically puts the crown on itself, simply because it has once again managed to instill fear in the masses consequently to direct (Corona translated means crown/wreath) and on the other hand represents humanity or a large proportion of awakened people, who again takes the scepter in their hand, puts the crown on their head and, acting out of their creator consciousness, begins to take complete responsibility for their actions, as a divine entity itself (the conscious use of one's own creative power to create a harmonious world & the knowledge that nothing can happen to us, as creators, that we hold everything in our hands anyway and do not allow ourselves to be frightened). Ultimately, we feel like we are in the finale of the huge ascension process and the current circumstances make it clearer to us than ever before that an activation of our entire divine potential is taking place. In this regard, the crown chakra also stands completely for our own inner divine world, for our creator existence and, above all, for the greater whole that we ourselves, as God, represent. You yourself are everything and everything is yourself. Our divine potential wants to be lived and today's super full moon will awaken exactly this urge in us. It's time for a divine civilization (a true/complete divine self) emerges from the shadow of the old, conditioned and, above all, controlled consciousness. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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