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Today's daily energy on March 09th, 2019 is still shaped by the moon in the zodiac sign Aries, which continues to favor moods through which we could not only have a more pronounced life energy or moods We go through situations in which we are significantly more motivated or even more lively, but we can also react quickly and decisively to countless life situations.

Open to new things

Open to new thingsIn this regard, we could also be much more open to new living conditions and, as a result, break away from old and, above all, sustainable structures to a much greater extent. The same also applies to becoming aware of new intellectual approaches (and the acceptance of new or unusual feelings), which means that we can also open ourselves up to new conditions. Remaining in our own comfort zone often gets in the way of such an experience, which means that we remain stuck in a self-created vicious cycle and are unable to open ourselves up to new things, at least temporarily. But the new wants to be accepted, especially in the current time of spiritual change, in which we humans, as spiritual beings, are literally predestined to expand our inner space in completely new directions. The low-frequency times are increasingly fading into the background and from month to month, from week to week and above all from day to day we are increasingly called upon to enter into our true being. Today's daily energy is therefore accompanied by incredibly strong cleansing processes and also calls on us to create more space for harmonious circumstances, which is then reflected in all interpersonal relationships.

Despair inevitably comes to those whose souls are out of balance. – Marcus Aurelius..!!

Well, the past few days have been extremely cleansing and have caused us to experience a huge emotional mess (like yesterday Daily Energy Article described by sharing my own experiences in this regard) and today will certainly follow suit, which is why our own healing and, above all, becoming whole process continues to be in the foreground. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

I am happy about any support ❤ 

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