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Today's daily energy on June 09th, 2018 is characterized by several different star constellations, to be precise by two disharmonious and two harmonious constellations. On the other hand, we can also reach you nor the influences of the Aries Moon, which is why we could still have more life energy. In general, I was able to notice the same thing yesterday, i.e. I was quite active, felt an increased sense of well-being and did a lot.

Life energy & productivity

daily energyOf course, this does not necessarily have to be connected to the influences of the Aries Moon, because after all our life is a product of our own mind, which is why our mental orientation is crucial for our state of mind, but the influences can strengthen or promote corresponding states, that is beyond question . Otherwise, it should also be said that the calm of the last few days has been shattered once again, at least yesterday, surprisingly, we received another fairly strong impulse or rather strong energies regarding the planetary resonance frequency, which lasted for several hours. The impulses then immediately flattened out again. It's difficult for me to estimate what the influences are today, especially since I don't have any data at the moment (at the time the article was written). Nevertheless, anything is possible in the current transformation phase. The four constellations are distributed throughout the day. At the beginning, a harmonious constellation (sextile between the sun and moon) takes effect at 09:28 a.m. and a disharmonious constellation (square between the moon and Pluto) takes effect at 13:42 p.m. The sextile could ensure good communication between both sexes throughout the day and makes us feel quite helpful. The square in turn represents an extreme emotional life, self-indulgence and self-indulgence of a lower kind.

A person with peace in his soul is like a sun in the house that consumes fog and clouds. - Albert Schweitzer..!!

The two other constellations only become effective in the evening, i.e. another sextile (between the Moon and Mercury) at 18:03 p.m., which stands for a good mind and a great ability to learn, and another square (between the Moon and.) at 21:36 p.m Venus), which allows us to act based on our feelings and stands for inhibitions in love. Nevertheless, the influences of the Aries Moon have an overarching effect on us, which is why life energy, productivity, a sense of responsibility and trust in our own abilities could be at the forefront. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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Moon Constellations Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2018/Juni/9

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