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Today's daily energy on February 09th, 2020 will be shaped by extremely powerful influences, because today a full moon will manifest, to be precise a full moon in the zodiac sign Leo. The full moon reaches its complete form (i.e. the complete form that is visible to us) at 8:34 a.m. and is therefore associated with extremely potent energy, especially at this point in time.

Intense influences

Intense influencesIn general, very consciousness-expanding and, above all, STORMY energies are reaching us today. Today the whole of Germany is covered by the special storm “Sabine”, which once again illustrates the intensity of today's energetic circumstances - like inside so outside, like outside so inside. On the other hand, the winter storm highlights the ongoing cleansing process on our planet. All old 3D structures are becoming more and more dissolved and we are currently in a golden phase in which an internal realignment to high-frequency states is taking place.

A stormy phase

It is therefore an extremely inspiring, but also stormy phase, because the dissolution of our own shadows, accompanied by the manifestation of new, light-filled structures, can sometimes be very stormy, at least if we do not accept this change in a gentle way, but instead against it Resist change and hold on to old structures with all your might. The storm, which is moving across our country at an incredible speed, can therefore also be compared to a massive cleansing that will in turn sweep across the whole of Germany and cause countless structures to falter. It will therefore be very HARD. It is an explosive mixture of energy that will wash through our entire system and is therefore beneficial to the entire collective. Ultimately, it is therefore perfect that the planetary resonance frequency currently shows strong anomalies (see below picture).

Planetary resonance frequency

Even the K index, which in turn measures fluctuations in the earth's magnetic field or indicates whether geomagnetic storms are currently reaching us, has recorded slight fluctuations in the past few days (You can see the measurements below).Geomagnetic storms

At the end of the day it is clear from every side that an extremely strong energy quality is reaching us today and we can therefore be curious to see to what extent these influences will cleanse our mind/body/soul system or our creator existence. One thing is certain, these influences will definitely continue to massively push the collective awakening on the planet and we are still inevitably heading towards a total manifestation of the light. We can be excited. Well, finally, I'll quote another section from the page blumoon.de regarding the full moon:

“Full moons bring clarity about our own needs and we have the opportunity to let go of stressful things. Now nothing remains hidden, because the shining full moon brings light into the darkness. The Full Moon in Leo is not subject to dramatic tensions. So we can enjoy life in the lion's way and proudly show off our most beautiful treasures. Maybe even brag about it a little. In any case, we should be stunning! The mood is open, warm, a little extroverted – great for dramatic performances at parties! A lovely time to be with people and maintain connections.

Full moon in Leo – the message

What happens when the full moon in Leo and the sun in Aquarius oppose each other? The Sun in Aquarius represents the need for freedom and independence. The Moon in Leo represents self-expression and heart energy. Deep emotions can emerge during the full moon; we are particularly receptive to visions, inner images and dreams. The moon represents the unconscious, our intuition and instincts. The contents of the mind are now made visible by the power of the energy of the lion, everything is given shape, everything is expressed. With the desire that internal processes appear and be appreciated in the external world. The sign Leo represents self-expression and expression, as well as playful creativity that comes from the heart and not the intellect. Because the creative mind plays with the objects it loves.”

With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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