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Today's daily energy on December 09th, 2019 is mainly shaped by the influences of the fifth portal day, which is why all doors are still open to us, which in turn - if we walk through them - lead us into a completely new or, better yet, fulfilled state of being. After all, as the name suggests, portal days stand for portals that are open on corresponding days.

The fifth portal day

Ultimately, these are extremely powerful days that not only lead us into our own creator consciousness, but can also fundamentally change our lives. It is not for nothing that portal days are often experienced as extremely intense and cleansing. This can manifest itself, for example, in arguments and interpersonal conflicts (which ultimately reflect conflicts with ourselves - everything outside represents the relationship with ourselves), or in highly magical and special moments. Especially in combination with the final decade energies, we experience an extremely potent mixture of energies that allows us to completely realign ourselves. Everything fits together perfectly, i.e. the time since our first awakening, the individual phases that we went through, the associated return to our own origins and, above all, the breaking through of countless old deficiency structures on our part, all of this now flows into the last days of this decade and shows us the perfection of our own development. Everything should always be exactly as it was and that, especially NOW, we experience a very strong rootedness in our highest divine spirit (Becoming aware that we ourselves represent the origin/creator), within the last days of a decade in which countless numbers of people have awakened, also illustrates the perfection of the current change. Nothing happens by chance, everything follows an intelligent mental network, which in turn arises from our inner world.

The external world is always a product of our own internal world, which is why we only attract external things that correspond to our internal world. The more high-frequency or higher the image of ourselves is, the more high-frequency are the circumstances that we experience externally. Becoming aware of one's own highest divine spirit, i.e. the manifestation of the highest self-image, is therefore always accompanied by a corresponding manifestation of the highest externally. As a result, we attract circumstances into our lives that are in turn based on this high energy. Well, it is precisely this adaptation or attraction that will take place at tremendous speed in the coming golden decade, because we are in the process of manifesting the highest version of ourselves..!!

Well, what else can I say dear ones, the importance of the current days (especially the portal days) is huge and we are in the process of blowing up our last shortage programs. It is the complete entry into our highest creative spirit (Spirit of God), which is currently taking place and will result in a golden age. Therefore, use today's fifth portal day and recognize yourself as what you are, namely the highest authority - the creator of all things - a spiritual being who constantly creates new worlds based on his own imagination. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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