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Today's daily energy on December 09th, 2017 gives us a lot of assertiveness and represents our willpower, which we can increase much more easily. In this regard, our willpower is also very important when it comes to pursuing certain goals or working on the realization of certain thoughts. Only through our willpower, in combination with our intentions or our mental abilities, is it possible for us to achieve life situations that seem difficult to achieve.

Assertiveness and willpower

Assertiveness and willpower

For this reason, a strong will is also very important, because if we have little willpower, then it will not be easy to achieve ambitious goals again. Ultimately, self-overcoming and self-control are crucial when it comes to increasing your own willpower. For example, if we repeatedly allow ourselves to be mentally dominated by certain addictions and dependencies and we are unable to break out of the corresponding vicious circles, then we are continually trapped in a state of consciousness in which our willpower is hardly developed. In the long term, however, such a state is anything but conducive to our own mental and emotional well-being and freeing ourselves from self-imposed vicious cycles becomes continually more difficult. Nevertheless, it is an indescribable feeling when we manage to break out of vicious circles again and we experience a rapid increase in our own willpower. Strong willpower gives us indescribable strength and this strength helps us to deal with all life situations much better. Of course, when it comes to increasing your own willpower, the beginnings in particular are very strenuous, but at the end of the day we are always rewarded with increased self-esteem.

The stronger our own willpower, the greater our own self-esteem can be. For this reason, overcoming addiction should not be equated with giving up, because at the end of the day, by overcoming our own rigid behavior, we are always rewarded with increased inner strength, i.e. with more pronounced willpower, and this feeling is much more inspiring than short-term satisfaction of addiction..! !

In this context, some people also prefer enjoyment and, for example, associate overcoming addiction with renunciation rather than with liberation.

Today's star constellations - Mars enters the zodiac sign Scorpio

daily energyBut it should be said here that it is an extremely inspiring feeling when you manage to increase your own willpower again through self-control. A person who is extremely strong-willed and demonstrates very strong self-control not only radiates this willpower, but he would also have a much more balanced mind and this in turn has a very positive effect on himself health. Ultimately, the development of our own willpower and increased assertiveness are also favored today by special star constellations. Mars reached the zodiac sign Scorpio at 09:59 a.m. this morning, which means we can develop strong energy throughout. Goals that we have set for ourselves can be achieved much more easily and our willpower will be stronger as a result. Courage and fearlessness, but also argumentativeness and authoritarian behavior can be increased by this constellation. This constellation is also active until January 26th. At 00:08 a.m. the moon once again moved into the zodiac sign Virgo, which can now make us analytical and critical, but also productive and health-conscious. At 18:36 p.m. a square between the Moon and Venus will also take effect, which could mean that strong instinctual life is in the foreground. Unsatisfactory passions, emotional outbursts and inhibitions in love can then also come to the fore again, so a square is always an aspect of tension and brings negative circumstances with it. From 20:28 p.m. an opposition between the Moon and Neptune becomes active, which can make us dreamy, passive and possibly unbalanced. This tense constellation can also make us oversensitive, nervous and unstable.

Since Mars moved into the zodiac sign Scorpio in the morning, today we should concentrate on realizing our own plans again, because this connection can give us increased action and willpower..!! 

Last but not least, at 22:49 p.m. a harmonious aspect reaches us, namely a sextile between the Moon and Jupiter, which can bring us social success and material gains. We can then have a more positive attitude towards life and a more sincere nature. Generous undertakings could then also be undertaken, and we could then be much more attractive and optimistic. At the end of the day, we should use today's star constellations and get back to work on realizing our own plans. Thanks to the “Mars-Scorpio” constellation, we can put such a realization into practice much more easily due to our increased willpower. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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Star Constellation Source: https://www.schicksal.com/Horoskope/Tageshoroskop/2017/Dezember/9

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