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Today's daily energy on August 09th, 2019 is, on the one hand, shaped by the lingering influences of yesterday's Lion Gate (a very bright/clarifying day of the year) and on the other side of new lunar influences, because the moon changed yesterday In the evening at 22:34 p.m. in the zodiac sign Sagittarius, which is why new impulses are reaching us again in this regard.

The lingering Lion Gate influences

The lingering Lion Gate influencesIn this context, the lasting influences of yesterday's completely open Lion Gate portal will take effect, which is why we will continue to have an extremely knowledgeable and stimulating day ahead of us. In this regard, the gate will be open until August 12th or will begin to close on that day. The associated postponement therefore ends on this day. Afterwards, i.e. August 13th, stands for completion and is subsequently considered the final celebration - the portal phase is over, a new phase begins. For this reason the days until the 12th/13th will be closed. August was also characterized by the associated energy quality and deepened the self-knowledge we had gained up to that point. Likewise, old structures that have since been in the process of being cleaned up/dissolved will also come to a conclusion, it is inevitable. Basically, this is also a circumstance that many people are currently confronted with, because the ongoing transition into 5D simply inevitably leads us into corresponding states. No matter how much we can defend ourselves, no matter how much we can resist, ultimately there is no way back and the dissolution of old/rigid/sustainable structures is becoming more and more evident (As far as this is concerned, I have now cleaned up/changed an extremely stressful structure/habit myself after years, - the feeling was unbelievable, - especially that it happened especially in these days).

Consciousness creates forms and plays forests and deserts with the atoms. Consciousness creates being and plays with the elements of flesh and blood. Consciousness creates dream that made us forget the higher reality. Consciousness creates your field of tension, which can elevate you from human to god. – Christa Schyboll..!!

Well, today all of this will continue to be in the foreground and we will be excited to see to what extent we will experience today and the highly transformative days to come. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE. We can make incredible progress. We can rise like the phoenix from the ashes. The prevailing potential is extremely strong. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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