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Today's daily energy on August 09th, 2017 is perfect for eliminating your own interference fields. In this context, many people are simply still subject to self-imposed blockages. These mental discrepancies, due to defective programming/habits, which in turn are anchored in our own subconscious, favor this always maintaining our own imbalance.

Eliminating your own interference fields

Eliminating your own interference fieldsBecause of this imbalance, we keep creating a reality, we keep creating an alignment of our mind that is extremely detrimental to our own mental + emotional well-being. As a result, we then draw many negative circumstances into our own lives, keep ourselves trapped in self-imposed vicious cycles and thus block the development of our high-vibrating aspects. Whether these are annoying habits, dependencies, compulsions, negative mental patterns, fears or feelings of anger, envy or even jealousy, all these negative programs repeatedly reach our own day-consciousness and severely limit our own positive actions. On the other hand, we repeatedly create a low vibration environment, keep our own frequency low and thus usually resonate with negative fields. Nevertheless, one can break through these self-created blockages, but it is possible for every human being to draw a line and finally be able to create a life again that also corresponds to one's own ideas. Today's daily energy is perfect in this context to be able to let go of these interference fields again. Today we can develop our own potential in the best possible way and eliminate all the things that are not in harmony with our own spiritual desires or with our innermost intentions much more easily than ever. If you have something in your life that bothers you massively, if you have any problem that you have not been able to solve until today because of your fears, then free yourself from it now and draw a final line today.

There are countless programs anchored in a person's subconscious - i.e. beliefs, convictions and other mental patterns. For this reason, reprogramming our own subconscious is essential when it comes to creating a carefree life..!!

Free yourself today from your self-created dependencies and become completely free again in your own thinking and acting. You don't have to be dependent anymore and you don't have to let your own mind be guided by negative programs anymore. Therefore, use the potential of today and re-create a state of consciousness that is free of any thoughts that keep us permanently trapped in a low vibrational milieu. With this in mind, stay healthy, content and live a life in harmony.

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