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With today's daily energy on April 09, 2023, the energies of the Aries Sun continue to reach us on the one hand, and on the other hand the influences of the Moon, which changes to the zodiac sign Sagittarius at around 14:53 p.m. and since then has given us its fiery and especially the Knowledge-going energy quality immerses. Otherwise, the special energy of Easter reaches us across the board, because Easter and especially Easter Sunday is here at the core for the resurrection of the Christ consciousness (a pure, light, harmonious and above all a state of consciousness based on freedom, love, unconditionality, wisdom and divinity - detached from any density or attachment).

The Resurrection of the Christ Consciousness

daily energyIn contrast, the last two days, i.e. Good Friday and Holy Saturday, once again embodied the old world in density, one could also speak of the great illusion - the spirit rooted in gravity and limited, which had little access to the development of the Christ consciousness within itself carries (life in pure system bondage and blindness). However, today symbolically represents the end of this limitation and subsequently represents the return of the never-dissolvable Christ consciousness (The potential always exists within all of us to expand our own minds into this pure state). For this reason, the energy of today also represents an overarching vibrational quality that has been increasing in intensity for years and is also increasingly influencing the direction of the collective spirit in depth. It is the energy of ascension, i.e. the quality of spiritual change, the return to the divine and, above all, the energy for the maximum elevation and healing of one's own self-image.

The return of the Christ energy to the world

Christ energyHuman civilization is gradually evolving into a divine civilization, shedding all density-based structures as it continues along this path. We are starting to be in harmony with nature and generally in harmony with the world (with our inner world) to live, whereby we subsequently lead the world increasingly into a state of harmony, because the world always adapts to the orientation of our own mind (we ourselves are the world). For this reason, we are currently in a phase in which more and more people are integrating the aspects of Christ into their own minds. In this context, one aspect also represents the awareness of being the most holy, the most unique, the chosen one (Conversely, what is also said to the world is exactly the same to every human being, because firstly, everyone can become aware of it and secondly, we ourselves are everything and carry everything within us, we are connected to everything). The term Christ alone stands for the anointed or the chosen one. The Christ Consciousness therefore means the Chosen Consciousness and each of us can develop this Most Holy Consciousness. And when we revive the Most Holy State, only then can the Most Holy return in the world. Only then do we create a world outside in which all the values ​​and circumstances associated with it are resurrected (as within, so without – everything is controlled by our own mind). Well then, for this reason, let us celebrate today and remember again the immeasurable potential that is anchored in each of us. The healing of the world can be initiated by each of us. We all carry the potential of the most meaningful state of consciousness within us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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