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Today's daily energy on April 09th, 2022 gives us the energetic quality of the crescent moon, which in turn reaches its Yin/Yang form at 08:44 a.m. and accordingly gives us influences throughout the day, which in turn can be of a very balancing nature. can. On the other hand, the Moon is still in the zodiac sign of Cancer. The watermark, which in turn goes hand in hand with the element of water and primarily appeals to our nervous system, wants us to bring our personal affairs into harmony throughout the day.

The element of water

The element of waterIn this context, cancer stands for devotion to one's own family like no other sign. Family life is desirable and harmonious coexistence should prevail in this regard. Ultimately, this is only possible if the relationship with ourselves is in balance, because at the end of the day every relationship/connection with every person only reflects the relationship with ourselves. The healer we become inside, the more our external relationships can heal or even be based on healing. The relationship with ourselves or the image we create of ourselves every day shapes the world outside and attracts corresponding circumstances. If we ourselves still have inner conflicts and shadows, then on the one hand we will always transfer these inner problems to our current connections and on the other hand, the people we attract into our lives will reflect these inner conflicts to us in whatever way . There are therefore no chance encounters, but rather every encounter, even the encounter with animals or special places, represents a direct mirror of our soul. Well, today's Cancer Crescent wants us to let the connection to ourselves flow into our lives bring about greater harmony and peace.

Crescent energies

Crescent energiesThe crescent moon can in turn trigger an increased feeling in us of wanting to experience perfection, unity or wholeness. The crescent moon always reflects duality, i.e. the two sides of a coin/circumstance that together form one. The outer world and inner world, which essentially do not exist separately from each other, but together form the whole (there is no separation). Paradoxically, this principle can also be transferred to the world political stage, i.e. two sides presented to us, which generally represent the whole (the entire show, separation is only made to seem like this). Well then, the dark and light sides of the moon show us that we should revive unity within ourselves, because within unity there is a state of absolute balance and it is precisely this inner balance that can bring the world into balance . As I said, as on the inside, so on the outside and vice versa. The world can only be in harmony again when we ourselves achieve harmony. Let us therefore absorb today's lunar energies and perceive our inner wholeness accordingly. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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