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daily energy

As far as today's daily energy is concerned, it is again of a stormy nature, which of course has to do with the fact that another portal day is reaching us today, to be precise even the third portal day in a 10-day series. In this context one can still feel the high cosmic influences. These influences can manifest themselves in the form of severe tiredness, concentration problems, depressive moods or even in an increased lack of drive.

The third portal day

daily energyOn the other hand, these high cosmic influences can also trigger numerous positive effects in us. There are people who are partially very positively attuned to these energies, are energetic, feel very happy and have almost no problems processing these incoming frequencies. In my experience, this depends not only on your own diet, your own mental orientation and above all your own mental development level, but also on your own daily form. So on portal days I always experience strong fluctuations as far as my own personal feelings are concerned. Sometimes I feel extremely energetic, sometimes I feel very tired and sometimes even get circulatory problems. Ultimately, these days are extremely intense in terms of cosmic radiation. Since we are currently also being hit by strong solar influences, i.e. electromagnetic storms, our own mind/body/soul system is also being shaken up properly. Especially in the current phase, in which daily solar storms reach us, strong personal fluctuations can simply arise for this reason. For all those people who react strongly to these influences and who have to deal with the high level of cosmic radiation, I recommend a lot of rest. Do not overexert yourself too much and, if necessary, include a few things in your diet that promote the absorption of these rays, give you strength or even calm you down. Here, for example, turmeric, barley grass, moringa leaf powder, wheat grass, coconut oil, linseed oil, various legumes and above all - my personal favorite - chamomile tea are suitable.

Continue to give yourself rest

Freshly prepared chamomile tea (preferably not tea bags) can even work wonders in this regard. It cleans our blood, flushes our kidneys, has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect and, above all, has a very calming effect on our own mind. Of course there are countless other natural remedies that can help, the foods listed here are just my personal helpers. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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