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On the one hand, today's daily energy on October 08th, 2019 continues to be shaped by the moon in the zodiac sign Aquarius (Freedom orientation – Strong family & social connection – Independence – Self-determination: Relevant topics on our part, We are increasingly reminded of the consequences that come with it – whether in balance or disequilibrium) and on the other hand, still from the most transformative moods of all.

The second portal day

The second portal dayIn this context, the strong influences of the past few days will continue (the intensity increases & continues to increase - energetic increase to the greatest extent) and bundled again today because it is a portal day (more will follow on June 13th and 16th to 26st – six portal days in a row). As far as this is concerned, the portal day will also be tough, as was the case 3 days ago, i.e. on October 05th. After all, we are currently in the most important days of all and are experiencing, apart from the permanent increase in frequency (collective development) and the incredible acceleration that comes with it, such a strong feedback to our roots or our original state (the origin of everything - the unadulterated pure SELF: YOURSELF - bathing in self-love, abundance, strength, wisdom & purity) as has never been the case before. Ultimately, this feedback is, yes, in itself one could even speak of a recollection or, better said, becoming conscious (Frequency adjustment – ​​adaptation to our original high state) speak, is accompanied by a very special cleaning. We are currently experiencing the effects of an unexpectedly strong attraction to pure states.

The more you enter into your own original consciousness, i.e. into the realization that you yourself are not only everything, are surrounded by everything and can create anything based on your own imagination, but also represent the ONE source/the ONE origin/the ONE creator , - because everything on the outside is ultimately your own inner world/perception/idea that has become manifest, - your own mind/your own energy, if you can feel this profound knowledge, i.e. anchored in yourself, instead of mentally limiting yourself (that's me Not me/I'm smaller - limitation of one's own imagination/spirit), the stronger the urge to create conditions within oneself, which in turn are based on closeness to nature, freedom and purity. The outer world then adapts to your own inner world or your own original consciousness - you enter into maximum states of abundance - you create this reality, little by little, in an inevitable way..!!

At the end of the day, there are reasons for this, because the huge progress in the process of spiritual awakening goes hand in hand with a frequency field in which there is less and less room for destructive, limiting, limiting and, above all, lacking living conditions/beliefs/actions. As a result, we recognize more and more limiting beliefs/actions on our part and feel a pull within us that in turn wants to lead us into completely free states. All destructive habits (Smoking, coffee/caffeine, addiction, pleasure & intoxicants, unnatural diet, abuse of our sexual energy, too little exercise/too little nature) are recognized and discarded/cleaned up over time, because all of these habits prevent us from manifesting a completely clear, pure and abundance-based reality. We are therefore, especially in the current days, in a phase in which we are freeing ourselves from these states, because overcoming every destructive habit/limiting belief comes with willpower, self-control, self-overcoming and consequently more self-love, more inner Strength, truthfulness and balance. Today's portal day, which is under the sign of Aquarius, will once again show us this transformation process and allow us to feel our ancient connection, based on this purity described above. The quality of time is enormously accelerated and incredible states can be experienced on our part. We have another very special day ahead of us. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂


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