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Today's daily energy once again stands for trust in our own elemental power, stands for our own creative powers and the associated impulses that are currently reaching us almost continuously. In this context, the current phase is also very fast-moving and humanity is experiencing a collective development that is progressing so quickly that it is truly impressive. Everything is evolving at a rapid pace Truth about our own origin + the chaotic planetary circumstance is spreading more and more like wildfire and the quantum leap into awakening, the transition into the 5th dimension is taking its accelerated course.

Trust + development of our primal power

Trust + development of our primal powerIn this regard, more and more people are gaining trust in their own primal powers, making use of their own mental abilities again and thus recognizing the immeasurable power that they/we could in turn draw from our own primal foundation. In this regard, every human being is connected to the entire creation on a mental/spiritual level and represents a unique image of a great spirit (overarching consciousness, which firstly gives form to all things, secondly flows through everything and thirdly everywhere, at any time, in any place , is present). We use this “split-off aspect – split-off consciousness” to shape and change our own lives and are therefore able to create a life that completely corresponds to our own ideas. Of course, it is often not easy for us to recreate a life according to our ideas, a life that is shaped by the manifestation of our own heart's desires. This simply has to do with our self-imposed blockages and karmic patterns. On the one hand, we find it difficult to accept our own circumstances and to simply accept them. We therefore often remain in self-imposed mental blocks and as a result do not understand that everything in our lives should be exactly as it is currently. Everything in one's life is a result of our own decisions, a result of our own mind and should therefore be exactly as it is currently taking place. Nothing else could have happened in our lives and you yourself could not have experienced anything different, otherwise you would have experienced something different, then you would have realized completely different trains of thought on a “material” level or, better said, legitimized them in your own mind.

There is no supposed coincidence, everything in existence is much more a product of consciousness, an expression of mental forces. For this reason, our own life is not a result of chance, but rather a product of our own mind..!!

For this reason, we should start again to accept our own living conditions exactly as they currently are. Trust is also a key keyword here. Instead of being afraid of life or afraid of what could come next, we should have faith in ourselves and in our own minds again. Ultimately, we humans are unique beings, divine images who can initiate huge changes with the help of our own minds. We should therefore not hide from ourselves or from our own lives, but should rather make use of the power that lies deep within our own existence. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony.

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