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Today's daily energy on May 08th, 2019 is, on the one hand, still influenced by the moon in the zodiac sign Gemini, which favors all kinds of communicative circumstances, i.e., on the one hand, dialogues with ourselves and, on the other hand, conversations within all interpersonal relationships Relationships. On the other hand, an extremely powerful basic energy still prevails, which allows us to achieve an inner ascension, as already mentioned in yesterday's daily energy article.


A corresponding rise (like a phoenix rising from the ashes) is also accompanied by the immediate resolution of all internal conflicts and leads us directly into the kingdom of God, i.e. into our personal divine kingdom (God is an aspect of ourselves, a state made manifest through our belief and imagination), which in turn is accompanied by feelings of pure bliss. All negative attachments/thoughts are not present in a corresponding state (it is absolute fullness). On the other hand, this gives us the opportunity (also due to the strong energies - planetary resonance frequency illustrates this enormous potential - values ​​below), at least if we are currently on the verge of reaching a corresponding state - but ourselves still remain in disharmony, clearing all of these disharmonious inner states. And not through detours or external circumstances, but directly, by recognizing on the one hand that everything happens within us and also (not in the EGO sense) everything revolves around ourselves (the entire external world – all people represent our internal space). All negative attachments can therefore be immediately transformed into positive ideas, IMMEDIATELY. Remember, what we imagine and what corresponds to our beliefs is/becomes reality, which is why an act of liberation, which in turn is accompanied by an immediate transformation of all negative ideas, is sometimes essential for our happiness in life (our inner strength) is.Frequency updateWithin a moment we can eliminate all self-perpetuating disruptive factors/disharmonies and achieve absolute trust. Trust that we have everything, that everything is good, that everything is coming to us, that we will receive everything and that there is also no loss (since we have ourselves - and are everything ourselves, since we can create everything with the help of this change). Therefore, today and in the days to come, if we are mindful and break out of all our negative ideas (As I said, that is possible^^), let our inner paradise become manifest, yes, it is possible at any time, even now at this moment there is the possibility of achieving absolute trust, eliminating/transforming all fears of loss and, as a result, creating one of the highest states of all. Believe me, the time is now predestined for this. The time of perfect self-love has come or it is here. With this in mind, stay healthy, happy and live a life in harmony. 🙂

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